The Smooth Way of Asking a Girl Out On a Date and Get a Yes

Asking a Girl Out on a Date:

One of the things which bothered me really well during my teenage years was asking a girl I like out on a date. I’ll decide every morning when I wake up that if I see the girl I’ll ask her out on a date. However, when I meet her, we talk and talk but I won’t really know how to ask the question. Then I let that day pass, and when I was about to go to bed that night, I’ll tell myself tomorrow I’ll do it. But tomorrow I still won’t be able to ask her out. The circle just never ends.

Then during my journey towards overall attractiveness, I learned the effortless way of asking a girl out, and get a Yes most of the time. I also realized, that I was hesitant all those years because I didn’t know how to do it, and not necessarily because I was scared.

This post will reveal to you how you could ask that girl you like out; maybe your classmate or course mate, colleague in work, a girl in your neighborhood, church, or that girl you just made acquaintance with the other day, and get them to grant you a first date most of the time.

the right way of asking a girl out



Immediately you notice you like a girl, ask her out at that very moment. Don’t postpone it. Don’t wait for the perfect time to ask her out on a date, because they’re no such thing as a perfect time of asking a girl out or approaching a girl or anything in life. You want something? Go get it ! Don’t make excuses, rather make a way to get what you want. Simple!

Most of the time if you like a girl, there’s a high chance she’s noticed you already, because a lot of Scientific Studies have implied that positive signals of approach ladies send out to men activates attraction in those men. In simpler words, you likely developed likeness for that lady because you guys might have been stealing glances at each other for a while, or she’s usually a bit nervous when she’s talking with you, and other signals.


As we’ve discussed earlier in the post titled ladies attraction has a short life span, a girl’s attraction for a guy dies down quickly. So if you don’t ask her out on a date fast when her attraction for you is still fresh, she is likely to reject it when you finally decide to ask her out by the time her attraction for you must have gone stale.

So move fast, and ask her out immediately!



One thing that will help you to be successful with women in general is smoothness. When you do things with women so effortlessly, their attraction for you hikes up.

Let’s say you want to tell a lady to be your girlfriend, which one of the below ways would you think she would respond best to.


You: I want you to be my girlfriend? My queen, my one and only love.


You: You’ve the loveliest eyes I’ve ever seen. I wouldn’t mind waking up every morning and staring into these eyes.


If you picked the second, you’re right. So when trying to ask a girl out on a date. Don’t make it so formal and blaring. It’s always best to smoothly bring it up in the middle of a conversation.


Bad way:

You: Hi Rita

Her: Hey

You: emm…emm…I was wondering if you would want to go on a date with me on Saturday?

Her: …hmmm… I would love to but I would going for a wedding [most times it’s a lie]


Smooth way:

In the Middle of conversation

You: …so that was how I was almost beaten by a mad man.

Her: Hahaha… it’s so hilarious

You: Yea it is… You know… we should hang out sometime, would you be doing anything too serious this Saturday

Her: Emm… I don’t think so

You: Saturday it is then. Let me have your number so I can hit you up

Her: Okay..It’s 080########

smooth way of asking a girl out for a first date

The thing about being smooth with ladies is that it makes things easier for them. Girls don’t like things that are hard for them. So when you just suddenly asks her out on a date immediately you see her, throws her off balance, and it requires a yes or no answer, which is hard.

However, if you smoothly SUGGEST it in during a conversation with her, she just has to agree to it, which is much easier.

Bonus Hint: The time to suggest a date with her is when the conversation is interesting and not when you two have ran out of topic. You can always tell when a girl is enjoying the conversation. She maybe smiling, laughing, leaning towards you, looking into your eyes and so on. This when you pull the trigger.




Where I see most guys messing up when asking a girl out is being so excited when she agrees to go on a date with them. Some even go to the extent of thanking her for accepting. They might say something like;

“I’m really glad you said yes, I promise you’ll enjoy the date.”

Please bro, don’t do this. If she agrees, just act cool, and continue the conversation like nothing happened. She should be the one to be excited that she’s going out on a date with you, and not the other way round.

So lemme continue with the above example.


You: Saturday it is then. Let me have your number so I can hit you up

Her: Okay… It’s 080######

You: So have you had a similar crazy experience like me? Has any mad person tried to beat you up?

Her: No, I have not o.

You: You’re lucky… maybe I should take you where the mad man who chased me normally stays.

Her: Noooo… thank you. I don’t want.

You: Hahaha… It’s all good. I’ve to go, was really awesome talking to you. See you on Saturday.

Her: Same here, bye. See you on Saturday.

Now, was that hard? No!



If she happens to decline, don’t take it serious. Just take it with a lil humour. In fact, take all rejections from girls with humour.

For Instance;

Her: I’m sorry. I can’t hang out with you

You: Ohh! I think one of my kidney just failed as it heard this reply [you say this as you touch the area where you kidney is at]

Her: Hahaha… I’m sorry…

You: Just think about it. I don’t want you to miss probably something which might be the best moment in your life.

Her: Hmmm… Okay.

You: I’ll talk to you later dear, bye.



A full example on how to ask a girl out on a date between two university students


Him: Kate Whats up?

Her: Hi Peter.

Him: How was the lectures, boring I guess?

Her: Yes o, I almost dozed off in the class

Him: Almost? Me that slept through half the lectures.

Her: Hahaha.

Him: Which people even makes the best Sharwama around here?

Her: Emm…I think Larry’s own is really cool though.

Him: Cool, we should go get some, are you doing something now?

Her: Nope.

Him: Okay, let’s go. [as they were leaving, he continues the conversation casually and not talking more about the date] So have you ever woken up and wanted to drop out of school? Or is it just me?

Her: Hahaha… Me too oo.

Him: Seriously, school is scam. If I knew…


Whenever you see a girl you like, approach her, and set up a date using these strategies. Don’t just be stealing glances at her while you keep on postponing the asking out. Always be smooth when asking a girl out on a date and don’t take their rejections seriously.

Still me,

Gerald Dike.

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