Stop Spending too Much on New Girls: Do this instead

Stop Spending too Much on New Girls:

I see a lot of guys spending too much on a new girl, maybe to impress the girl enough for her to like them… or is a way they use in showing a woman they’re interested in her. I don’t know why, but I know that’s a wrong move; and I’ll tell you the reason in this post.


When you’re spending on a new girl, you’re projecting your material possessions, instead of projecting yourself. The truth is when you show off with money, lots of girls will get attracted to you. But the girls who will come and stay with you is not the kind of girls you need in your life. And if anything happens to your money, and you can’t provide those things any longer, they’ll disappear into the thin air and follow the next person with the money.

Guys who depend on just material possessions to get a girl are the most insecure set of guys I’ve ever met. They’re always insecure to lose the woman in their life, because they know there will always be some guy out there who’ll be richer than them or have a flashier car than them. And insecurity is one of the worst things that will happen to a man, because it’ll make him a needy and jealous partner. Trust me, that two character is so unattractive to ladies.

This is what spending too much on new girls causes. Uncertainty!!!

You’re not certain the reason she’s with you. Whether it’s because of the luxurious lifestyle she has access to when she’s with you, or because of YOU as a person. You’ll be scared if something happens to you, and you’re unable to provide that lifestyle for her, she’ll leave you. Or worse; you’re constantly trying to meet up to her demands, or else she leaves you for a guy who can provide it. This is really an unhealthy way to be in a relationship.

I know you’re thinking now;

Gerald, how can I get a lady to love me for me, and not for my money or the material things I can offer her?

I thought you’ll never ask bro. I’ll tell you of course. What are bros for?!

If you want a lady you just met to like you for you, and not for mere material possessions, you’ll have to project YOU, instead of projecting your money.


stop spending too much on new girls

  1. Always choose simple venues for your first date.

When selecting the venue of your first date, pick a simple and causal place. Don’t pick an expensive restaurant. When you pick an expensive restaurant, it tells her subconscious mind as thus;

 “If he could take a lady he just met to an exotic place like this, what would he now do for her when she becomes his girlfriend?”

And that’s what I call high expectations, AVOID it!!!

Also avoid choosing fun venues on the first date for e.g. amusement parks, cinemas, and stuff.

Always make the venue as simple and boring as possible. Why? You’ve to eliminate totally or reduce distractions in the first date, so that you could get to know her, and she’ll get to know you too.

Can you get to know a girl when you two are on a roller coaster? Or when she’s watching that interesting movie with you in the Cinema? I guess not. And if she goes home, she’ll be thinking about the thrilling experience she got from the roller-coaster or her mind will be occupied with what happened in the movie and how she would’ve loved it to end.

But she will definitely not be thinking about you.

Personally, I pick very quiet lounges or hotel bars with little or no distractions, so that all her focus will be on ME, and mine on HER.

      2. Don’t spend too much money on the first date.

Fact is, most girls are more socially attuned than most guys. Hence, when you ask them what they would like to take, most times they’ll say anything will do.

Usually, I come earlier than the lady on the first date, and order first; I usually order a soft drink and a snack. So when the lady joins me, she usually asks me to get her the same thing I’m taking or sometimes just water, or an ice cream.

The guys who over spend on girls during the first date normally do that totally on their own accord, and not on the ladies’.

        3. Avoid buying Gifts and doing her lots of favours.

Please, during the courtship stage (the time you’re still getting to know a girl), avoid doing her lots of favours or buying gifts for her.


First of all, when you become very valuable to a girl before becoming her boyfriend or lover, she’ll not want to risk the benefits she’s getting from you by being intimate or entering a relationship with you, because she knows friendships last more than relationships. Thereby she directs you to her friend zone. Secondly, when you don’t do much favours or buy gifts for a girl you just met, and she chooses to be with you; you’re sure she chose you for you, and not because of those favours and gifts.


4. Become an Attractive man.

stop spending too much on new girls

Since you’ve eliminated most distractions, you now have the girl’s full attention. You’ve to make every minute count for her. Now this where the work is. This where most guys shy away from, and just concentrate on making money and expect that money will turn them into James Bond overnight. Hahaha. That’s not true. Nothing good comes easy in life my bro.

Luckily for you, if you’re reading this you’re not most guys. Becoming an attractive man simply means knowing what women need in a man, and working to become that man.

Now what do a woman actually NEED in a man? When you ask a woman this question, you often hear “money and good looks most times” Lol those two are merely women WANTS, but not their NEEDS.

Quick question, haven’t you seen a woman cheat on her rich partner with a poor and less good looking guy? Even if you might not have seen, at least you’ve heard.

So what do women really need in a man?

Every woman needs or dreams about a man who’ll ACCEPT and UNDERSTAND her and not JUDGE her; someone who’ll INTRIGUE and be a CHALLENGE to her, and importantly someone who’ll SEDUCE her.

As you can see, this does not need much money or to be good looking to do. However, it’ll take a lot of effort from you and time though, it’s not what you get overnight; just like anything worth having in this life.

But the rewards are massive. Some of them are;

High quality ladies will want to be in your life. Girls will be eager to invest in you and do favours to please you, girls will no longer want to friend zone you; women in your life will be loyal and devoted to you and so much more.


To become an attractive man, you’ve to do a lot of self-development; this include;

  • Having good dress sense
  • Practicing good grooming
  • Knowing how to make eye contact with women
  • Learning how to flirt with ladies
  • How to hold conversation with a lady to create an emotional connection with her; getting her to tell you things she doesn’t normally tell to people she just met.
  • How to get a girl to start investing in you immediately
  • How to relate to a girl’s subconscious mind that you’re a dominant and confident guy.
  • Having a good body language when you’re with women.
  • How to use humor effectively to raise girls attraction for you, instead of making the mistake most guys make of cracking too many jokes that ladies slide them into the comedian category
  • Learning how to be smooth with ladies and so much more
  • Knowing how to read a girl’s body language and moving fast with her
  • Learning how to be a great lover; knowing how to give girls constant mind-blowing, body shaking orgasms and so on.

As you can see, it’s not an easy thing. However, if you want to become a man ladies chase and pursue; a guy ladies leave guys with exotic cars and mansions to stay with in a one room apartment with your ‘LEGdiz Benz,’ you’ve to become an attractive man.

Now, I’m in no way discouraging you to make money. Please do make money, enough of it.  But make that money because you want to live an exotic lifestyle, and not just because you can’t get the caliber of girls you want, and you expect just money to hand you those your dream girls. That’s a wrong mindset bro. It’ll lead you straight to the Mugu zone of a lot of gold diggers out there.

Then imagine if you’ve money, and you’re an attractive man too, you can get any kind of girl you want, no matter how much she’s worth or how famous she is; be it one of the Kardashians or even a top-top female celebrity or model.

And I’ll try my best to help turn you into that attractive man little by little, as long as you’ll put these strategies to practice and be persistent until you achieve it.



If you want girls to love you for you, you have to project yourself, and not your money or possessions.  You can do this by becoming an attractive man and by picking simple and boring venues for the first date, spending and doing less for a new girl. And if the girl eventually agrees to be in a relationship with you, you’re definitely certain she’s there for you and not for your possessions. And when she becomes your girlfriend and she’s good to you; and you start spending on her, buying gifts for her, taking her for fun dates, spoiling her and stuff, she falls in love with you more.

And you’re secure because you know even if you can’t provide that stuff again for her in future, she’ll still be with you because she fell in love with you and not for your possession.

So stop spending too much on new girls!


To your overall success in life,




About the Author: Gerald Dike

Gerald Dike is the founder of Relationship Strategies For Men. He has helped thousands of men have better interactions and healthy relationships with women of their dreams. He is also an entrepreneur in one of the biggest countries in Africa.

You can grab his new Book here==> The Attractive Man: How to Become the Man Who Women Desire And Chase

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