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How to Stop Thinking about Her

How to Get a Girl off your Mind and Stop Thinking about Her:

Last week, I told you about how a lady relegated me to her Purgatory.

So when I found out what she did to me. I knew I had to move on.

But there was a problem “I couldn’t stop thinking about her.”

I severally told my mind, to stop thinking about her.

But our brain has the habit of doing exactly what you asked it not to do.


Doubt me? Okay.

“Command your brain not to imagine the pink colour right now.”

What are you thinking about now? “Pink”



So I couldn’t just order my brain to just stop thinking about her. It was really frustrating.

However, I found a way to stop thinking about her. Since a lot of bros, have asked me how they can get a particular lady off their minds. I’m going to tell you what I did, and if you apply it you’ll stop thinking about that particular girl which you can’t just get off your head.

But before I tell you that, I’ll tell you what situation(s) could lead you into thinking about a particular lady. Definitely it’s not every girl you come across, that you can’t just stop thinking about her. There’s just something special about that girl who you can’t just stop thinking about. Right?


We’ll see about that right now.

just can't stop thinking about her? You can after reading this

Situations Which might Lead You to Start Thinking about a Lady (Getting Obsessed about a Lady)

1) You see a lady, you like her and want her; But instead of approaching her immediately, you started thinking of approaching her, thinking about where you’ll take her on the first date. Fantasizing about how your first kiss with her would be like, or when you finally make love to her. Imagining how lovely she’ll be as a girlfriend or even as a wife.

While you’ve not still approached her.


2) You met a lady, you want her; You approached her, but she told you she couldn’t date you for one reason or the other. But you paid deaf ears to her, and started chasing her. Buying her gifts, doing favours for her, sending her sweet good morning and goodnight texts. Hoping all these things will make her change her mind.


3) You met a lady, you want her; But she friend zones you or migrated you to her Purgatory. You stayed there hoping if you continue being a nice guy, she’ll make you her boyfriend.


4) Maybe she’s your ex girlfriend. However, during the relationship with her, you loved more, hence you invested and put effort in the relationship more than her. When the relationship ended, you just couldn’t stop thinking about her.

Now, be true to yourself, that girl you can’t just stop thinking about, falls into one of this category.

Now let’s analyze the above four categories, they have certain things in common, which are;

1) You want her.

2) You don’t currently have her.

3) You’re chasing or chased her.

4) You’ve hope you’ll get her one day.


==1 If you don’t want/desire the girl, you’ll not think about her much.

==2 If you already have her heart, and she’s calling you and showing you she loves you. You’ll not be that crazy or obsessed about her.

==3 If you approach a lady immediately you notice her, and when you realize she’s not interested in you; you leave immediately without chasing her you won’t get attached to her.

==4 If you’re chasing her, you’ve this hope in your heart that you’ll get her one day.

This hope is what keeps that obsession alive in your head. It’s that little voice that tells you “one day, she’ll be yours.”



Obsessing over a girl is bad for a man. It makes you think of this girl as this perfect, special angel sent from above. When you’re obsessed with a lady, it makes you to turn down a lot of chances to meet other girls because you think they’re ordinary. They’re not as perfect and special like your priceless queen you’re fantasizing about.


That’s what obsession does, it makes an ordinary girl look exceptional and special in your eyes. That’s why your friends don’t see what you even see in that girl.

“She’s not even that fine,” They say to you.

But you tell yourself, they’re just jealous. Hahaha!

Obsession prevents you from seeing her as a girl she is; cute, beautiful and weak silly beings with mood swings and flaws.

The more you get obsessed with a girl, the more you’re scared to lose her. If you’re scared to lose her, you’ll no longer be able to move fast with her. You’ll start acting so nervous, timid and insecure around her. All these traits are so unattractive to women. So she gets less attracted and attached to you.

On the other hand, since you’re investing your time, effort and money on her. You see her as more valuable and become more attracted and attached to her. This my bro, is ‘many-many’ bad for you!!!

Fortunately for you, after reading this post to the end, you’ll learn how to get out of that obsession and when you see the girl later on, you’ll smack yourself on the face and say;

“Look at who I was killing myself for? Damn! I don fuck up shaa.”



How to Stop Thinking about Her

1) Kill that Hope.

You know that little voice which keeps telling you “she might be yours one day.”

Kill it! Tell yourself consistently you’re enough. Say to yourself everyday something like this;


“I deserve more! I deserve better.

I don’t deserve being taking for granted. I’m enough.

If (insert her name), can’t see that I’m enough to be her man. She doesn’t deserve me and I’ll go out there and find myself someone prettier who’ll appreciate me.

Even if she realizes my worth later, I will still not want her.”

Keep saying this to yourself with belief, until your subconscious mind captures it, and send impulses to your brain to remove her thoughts from your mind.

stop thinking about her and be happy

2) Have the Abundance Mentality.

Every man should have the abundance mentality. You should believe that there are abundance of wealth and good things in this world; and you’re also capable of having your share of that abundance.

Same way, you should also have the abundance mentality that they’re more than 3 BILLION beautiful women in this world, and you’ll be able to find yourself another more gorgeous lady than the girl you’re obsessing over, that girl you can’t stop thinking about, and with the strategies being shared here in this Blog, you’re definitely more than capable. All you’ve to do is EXECUTE!

This leads us to the next point.

Cant just stop thinking about her? You actually can

Abundance mentality

3) Approach Lots of Ladies

You have to realize that these 3 billion women won’t approach you. If you want them, you’ve to go out there approaching and meeting women. Most times, when I tell guys go and approach lots of women. They tell me that’s so bad, they don’t want to be a womanizer. That it’s  bad… blah…blah… blah…

Listen to me bro, no matter how good a footballer is, let’s say C.ronaldo or Messi. In order for them to score goals, they’ve to shoot a lot of shots. They can’t shoot just one shot, and expect to score that one. If they don’t score their first shot, do you see them stop shooting?

No. They continue shooting.

That’s same with approaching women, the more women you approach, the more chances you’ll get to meet the one who likes you.

For example

If you approach 10 girls today, it’s likely only 2 of those girls will like you, and then if you’re looking for a committed relationship, you can now develop it with one of those two girls.

But I see boys, getting it all wrong.

They’ll just approach only ONE woman who they like, and they hope in their hearts that the woman will like them back. If she doesn’t, they become desperate and start chasing her. Then she starts running away, and they start getting obsessed.

Moreover, if you know how many guys approach an average lady daily, both offline and online; you’ll start approaching like 20 girls per day.

The truth is that if you want to stop thinking about her, you’ve to approach a lot of ladies. This will give you a better chance of meeting an amazing lady. This is the reason why girls are better at moving on  than guys.

Girls have options; while Guys don’t. So go create more options for yourself.


I’ve already given you almost everything you need to create more options for yourself.


I have made a post on how to approach any woman, anywhere and anytime. part I, II and III

I’ve also made a post on how to move fast with ladies.

I’ve also given to you first date strategies. (What to do during first date to win a girl’s heart)

I’ve even added how to know when ladies want to be approached both offline and online.

I even went further to tell you the three types of ladies you’ll meet out there and how you can handle each of them.

And many more…


All you just need is to go out there and apply these strategies. Take Action!!!



To stop thinking about that particular lady, you’ve to kill that hope that you’ll still get her.

Develop an abundance mentality that they’re billions of ladies in this world and you’ve what it takes to get them.

Then you go out there, approach, approach, approach and approach until you find an amazing girl for you who likes you just as you like her.


Never you get obsessed over a girl who’s not obsessed over you.

Only get obsessed with your GOALS.

Never settle for less bro. Never fucking do that!


Can’t Stop Thinking about Her? You can now!!!



About the Author: Gerald Dike

Gerald Dike is the founder of Relationship Strategies For Men. He has helped thousands of men have better interactions and healthy relationships with women of their dreams. He is also an entrepreneur in one of the biggest countries in Africa.

You can grab his new Book here==> The Attractive Man: How to Become the Man Who Women Desire And Chase

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