Sex in a relationship

Sex in a Relationship: Good or Bad? Find Out Here!

Sex in a relationship

Some men have asked me in the past if having sex in a relationship is good. So, I decided to put something down about it.

Now let’s be sincere with ourselves.

One of the reasons you approached a girl you’re attracted to, is that you want to have sex with her. Even if is not immediately, maybe after you marry her, but someday you’ll want to make love to her.

And before ANY lady accepts to be in a romantic relationship with you, she MUST have convinced herself she’s willing to have sex with you –someday.

If a woman does not see you as a potential sexual partner, she will NEVER accept to enter a romantic relationship with you. No matter how religious you think the girl is.



Now, if your religious or personal values forbids you from having sexual activities with a woman who is not yet your wife. Then stick to it, and let no man or woman make you compromise your values.

However, when looking for a lady to be in a relationship with, find a lady who has the same values with you; someone who also believes in no sex in a relationship before marriage.

Make sure you find a girl who “really” believes in that, and not a girl who pretends to have the belief of “no-sex-before-marriage.” The thing is, most ladies pretend to have that belief.

But never you go and start a relationship with a liberal minded lady. A girl who is not restricted by certain moral values; who wants to have sex in a relationship. If you do; she either frustrates you into compromising your values; or she friend zones and exploits you.

And if you try to “change” her or maybe force your values on her, she might get really pissed with you or pretend she agrees with your values (that’s if she’s desperate to be in a relationship) while she cheats on you with other men.



Even if you’re in a relationship with a woman who has the same conservative values with you; this does not mean you shouldn’t be flirting with her from time to time; always let her know you’re interested in having sex with her, however you’re willing to wait till you make her your wife.

For instance: You can tell her something like;

“Ohh sweetheart, I cannot wait for our wedding night… so I’ll explore every inch of your body”

Or you could say

“My love, I can’t wait to have my lips on yours and you’ll call me your husband and I’ll call you my wife”

Never make the mistake of being too rigid in your relationship because of your religious or personal values. Ladies don’t react too well to rigidity.

Even that very religious girl might still dump you for being too rigid.



During your exploits as a liberal minded guy, and you happen to stumble upon a very conservative woman.

And she lets you know her values and morals are against premarital sex. She does not only tell you, but shows it in her actions too by resisting all your attempts to get intimate with her.

When this happens bro, don’t try to force your own values on her.

Don’t manipulate her into compromising her values just because you know she really likes you. That’s not fair. It’ll give her this feeling of guilt since her conscience doesn’t accept it.

I advise you to either be with her, respect her values or if you can’t–it’s always best to let her go and find yourself a liberal minded person like you.

Trust me, there are a lot of them out there.

In fact, there are more open-minded women out there than there are conservative women.



Always try to enter a relationship with someone who shares similar values with you. Don’t force your values on someone and don’t compromise yours for another. This is why the first and most important thing you’ve to consider before entering a relationship with someone is COMPATIBILITY.

If you don’t want to have sex in a relationship, then don’t enter a relationship with someone who wants to.

And if you want to have sex in a relationship, then don’t enter a relationship with someone who doesn’t want to.

Life is Simple.

Learn to live and let live.

So is sex in a relationship good or bad? It depends on you and your partner.





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