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How to Have First-Date Sex With Women: Five Things You Must Do

The Secret To Having First-Date Sex With Women

Whenever I tell guys how simple it is to have first-date sex with women, they’re often like:

“First-date sex? Is that even possible? Well, that only happens with cheap girls. It doesn’t even happen with most Nigerian girls”

Well, I understand perfectly. Back then, I had a similar mindset about first-date sex.

But having had more first-date sex, than second or third date since 2018, I can’t help but to change my mindset towards first date sex.

And it wasn’t as if I only had first-date sex with wild loose girls. No, most of these girls were your typical good Nigerian girls.

Most of them have never smoked or gone clubbing more than 3 times in their lives.
One was even a 21yr. old virgin.

So, how was I able to do that?

I’ll tell you.

The Celebrity Effect

Now, I want you to imagine the most modest girl you know. You know nah, the 100 yards wife material.
Have you done that?

Now, this girl’s favorite musician is WizKid.
She has listened to all his songs–from the first album to the latest one.

So one day she went for his concert, and WizKid took interest in her.
And after the concert, they went out for a first date.

Now tell me, do you think she won’t agree to have a first date sex with WizKid, when she knows she might likely not have that moment ever again?

You already know she will.

And that’s what is called the “Celebrity Effect”

Hence, if you can make women feel this Celebrity Effect for you, they’ll have sex with you on the very first date.

Wait… Did you just tell yourself, you’re not a celebrity, so you can’t do that?

Come on man!
Stop selling yourself short!
You’re worthy. You’re enough.

Always have that in mind.

All you’ve to do is to learn how you can have this Celebrity Effect on women.

And if you read on you’ll find out.

How to have the Celebrity Effect on Women: First Date Sex

1) Show High Status.

Girls already know that a celebrity is high status. But a new girl doesn’t know that about you. Hence, it’s necessary you show that you’re a high status man.
Like I always say, “Being high status is not just about money. It’s mostly in your attitude; it’s in the way you carry yourself, your body language and how you react to things.”

If you don’t give a woman the feeling you’re a very valuable man (even more valuable than her) she’s likely not going to have sex with you on the first date.

2) Set Your Logistics Right.

This one is very important, but most people usually neglect it. Before the date, you must plan how it should go. Set the logistics.
Where will you sexually escalate things with her after the date?
Is the place near to the date venue?
Is it conducive?
You must have definite answers for these questions and more before going for the first date.

3) Access Her Emotions.

There are some girls you see, and all you want to do is to cuddle them and take them home to your mama.
Then there are girls you’ll see, all you want to do is to take them to your bed and mesmerize them completely.
The latter type of girls are usually very sexy and seductive.
And for you to have first date sex with women often, you’ve to be sexy and seductive too.
You’ve to be able to excite the sex emotion in women. You’ve to be able to make women want to tear off your clothes.
Hence, you’ve to master seduction.
You’ve to be great with flirting techniques such as sexual humour, eye contact, touch, kiss etc.

4) Have Higher Logic

The last minute resistance before first-date sex is usually HUGE.
Always expect last minute resistance from women, but then use higher logic to dismiss those resistance.
The most common resistance in first-date sex you’ll probably face is that it’s “too fast.”

For Instance
[In the middle of the kissing and smooching]
Her: Wait… stop… stop.
You: What’s the problem Hun?
Her: This is too fast. It’s just not right.
You: How is it not right?
Her: We’re just seeing for the first time. And we’re trying to have sex na.
You: Who made it wrong? The society? I mean, we’re really attracted to each other. I want to make love to you and you want me to make love to you. And what’s stopping us? The society! Who are not even here with us… See baby, what matter most is what you feel; what I feel; how we feel for each other. Fuck what the society think!
[Then you lean towards, kiss her and continue the sexual escalation]

5) Be Nonjudgmental.

It’s very essential that you give the woman the impression that you don’t have a problem with first-date sex and won’t see her as cheap or a whore afterwards for having first date sex with you.

Because if a lady senses you’ll judge her for that, she will start acting like the Mother Theresa around you.


Closing Thoughts on First-Date Sex

I once told you that being a nice guy is not the way to get girls. You were a bit hesitant. But you decided to drop the nice guy attitude, and you found out it was true all along.

I also told you that you don’t get a girl to love you by investing in her, rather by getting her to invest in you, it felt weird, but you tried it, and it turned out to be true.

Now, I’m telling you that is easier to have sex with a girl on the first date than on the second date and even harder on third date and subsequent dates.
It might sound weird now, but all you’ve to do is to try it out using the guidelines I listed above in the article.

Moreover, men left earth, and traveled to space; men also learnt how to fly in air like a bird, and you think having a first date sex with a woman is hard?

Come on man!

Seriously, it’s no big deal.


Bye for now,


About the Author: Gerald Dike

Gerald Dike is the founder of Relationship Strategies For Men. He has helped thousands of men have better interactions and healthy relationships with women of their dreams. He is also an entrepreneur in one of the biggest countries in Africa.

You can grab his new Book here==> The Attractive Man: How to Become the Man Who Women Desire And Chase

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