relationship problems; how to avoid

Relationship Problems which could be Avoided from the Start


There are certain relationship problems which come with dating a lady who just broke up with a guy she has been dating for a long time.
Maybe they have been dating for like 2 years or more. And it’s important for you to know these relationship problems.

Firstly, you might just be a rebound to her.
This means she might not be thinking straight when she agreed to date you. She might still be hurt and depressed from the outcome of her last relationship.
Most times when she finally recovers from the hurt, she might just dump you.

Secondly, she might just want to use you as a show off; just to make her ex jealous. Not necessarily that she has feelings for you.

Thirdly, you might be faced with the relationship problems of comparison with the ex. You might often hear something like:

“If it were Mike (her ex), he would have handled the situation better”
And we all know these kind of statement hurts.

Finally, she might still be in love with her ex and has not moved on.

So what are you going to do about this? Does it mean you should avoid ladies who just came out of serious relationships?

No. Not at all.

how to avoid some relationship problems


You should always try to know the details of her last break up; who actually broke it off ; the reason and so on; especially if you’re planning to be in a committed relationship with her.

Also, try to take the relationship a bit slower… don’t go and love up immediately until you’re sure she has really moved on.

Ask yourself
“Does she need me or she just needs someone?”

Until you answer that question bro, guide your heart judiciously.

If not, you might end up dating a girl who’s still dating her ex.

And they don’t teach you these things in school.



Talk to you soon bro,



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