Her actions; how to know if a girl loves you

Does She Love You? The Answer Lies In Her Actions

Does She Love You? The Answer Lies In Her Actions

Nothing gets a man more confused than when a girl professes to him how much in love she’s with him; but the problem is, her actions don’t match those words. Hopefully, after this article, you’ll never be confused in that situation again.

As a child, I literally believed everything someone told me. I still remember eagerly waiting for my dad a whole day so that I could receive the airplane he promised me.

But as I entered the boarding house, experienced betrayal and the rugged life of being in the dormitory. I began to understand life better and then I learned two vital lessons:


1) People lie—a lot, and…

2) Talk is Cheap.

I’ve never forgotten those two lessons till date.


There is this quote from Ralph Waldo Emerson I love a lot. He said:

“What you do speaks so loudly that I cannot hear a word you say.”


Hence, I observe closely what people do rather than what they say. And this has saved me from a lot of dramas and betrayals.


The same thing applies with ladies. So, it’s usually hilarious to me when some men believe everything that comes out from a woman’s mouth.


Haba! Folks that lie more than men ni.


Brother, pay less attention to what a lady says; her actions are what matter the most. Always remember this throughout your dealings with women.

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Ex Issue

Let’s say a girl is narrating to her boyfriend how her wicked ex–who broke her heart, has been disturbing her lately. The ex said he wanted to see her—but she has been declining his requests (of course nah).


However, he kept on disturbing her that she had to just finally go and see what the idiot has to say.

Now, if the boyfriend only paid attention to what she said, he would really believe that the girlfriend hates the ex.


But let’s analyze it through her actions:


If the girl really hates the ex and feels he is being a nuisance to her… she could easily:


  1.  Block him on all social media platforms.
  2. Put his phone number on blacklist so that he won’t be able to call her again.

But she didn’t do any of them.


Also, she implied that the only reason she visited the ex was because she was tired of his disturbance.

Haha! I’m sure there are scores of men (who she doesn’t like) who are chasing and disturbing her over a year now, but she has not seen any of them so that they would stop disturbing her.


Therefore, she didn’t go to meet the ex just because he has been disturbing her. No, she went to see the ex because she still has feelings for him.

And I’m quite sure if the ex-boyfriend played his cards well, he would sleep with her on that visit.

Does She Have Feelings for you? Her Actions Would Tell You

A lot of guys have asked me how they could really know if a girl likes or loves them. And I always tell them: “Pay Attention to Her Actions!”


Generally, if a girl really has strong positive feelings for you she would do the following:


1) She would give you Compliance

When a lady is into you, she would ‘respect’ you and do most of the things you ask of her.

That is:

  • She would usually agree to go out on a date with you when you ask her. Or if she can’t make it she would tell you exactly when she would be free and keep to her words. If a girl likes you she won’t be cancelling on dates and whining you every time
  • When you ask her for some investment—maybe to call you or come cook for you; she would comply.

The thing is, for women, respect is usually mixed with attraction. So, when a lady likes you she will automatically respect you.

That’s a certainty.

Therefore, if a lady usually disrespects you and says no to most of the things you tell her to do; she doesn’t like or love you. Even if she tells you ‘I love you’ every minute of the day; it’s scam, she’s lying to you.


2) She will Invest in You

If a woman is in love or even in lust with you. She would offer to invest in you. She would be eager to do something for you.

A lady who really likes you will feel uncomfortable to be only in the receiving end. She would want to give back to you in any little way she can.

She might be calling or texting more; getting you small gifts; offering to help—maybe to come cook or bring food for you and stuff.

Therefore, if a girl is very comfortable only receiving from you and has not made any visible effort to invest in you some way.

That is, if you’re the only one calling, texting, pushing for offline dates, buying of gifts… you’re on your own in the relationship—the girl is not with you.


3) She will Want to be Involved in your Life

When a woman is into you; as in she loves you. She would want to find out people and things important to you and try to get involved—especially if she’s the outgoing sort of person.

She would want to know your tight friends; she’ll be interested in your work or studies. She’ll be eager to know your plans for the future.

Hence, if a lady is just not concerned about what’s happening in your life; she’s likely not that into you. If she has that nonchalance attitude towards people and things that matter to you; she doesn’t love you.



Pay less attention to a girl’s words. Pay more attention to her actions. Like they say: ‘Actions speak louder than Words.”


So, between a girl’s words and actions… Always follow her actions brother.


Till next time,


About the Author: Gerald Dike

Gerald Dike is the founder of Relationship Strategies For Men. He has helped thousands of men have better interactions and healthy relationships with women of their dreams. He is also an entrepreneur in one of the biggest countries in Africa.

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