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Three Types of Women You will Meet When Approaching Women

When approaching and meeting women, there are basically three types of women you’ll come across; the green-light, yellow-light and red-light type. If you’re still having problem approaching women, I’ve already made a series of post on how to approach any lady, anywhere and anytime.

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So as I said earlier, there are basically three types of women you will meet out there when approaching new women. I intentionally likened them to traffic lights. It’s very important for you to recognize the type of lady you approached or you’re approaching; this will help you to know how best to interact with her.

Okay, let’s begin!

Three Types of Women You Will Meet Out There

  1. Green-light type

This type of lady knows immediately that you’re her type and she’s interested in you. She’s going to make the wooing easy and simple for you. She will give you the green-light you need to know that she likes you.


How to know when You Meet a ‘green-light type’

Before you approach her:

She gives you clear signals that she wants you to approach her. Like eye contact, smiling at you, parading in front of you and so on.

Read more about signals ladies send out when they want to be approached here


When you approach her:

  •  She’ll respond well to your opening line.
  • She’ll often make eye contact with you while smiling.
  • Might seem nervous and excited when talking with you.
  • She contributes well in the conversation, she asks about you too (because she wants to know about you)

During Courtship:

  • Replies fast and chats really good with you online (she rarely uses the one word replies).
  • Makes out time to see you.
  • Flirts with you (that is; touches you in subtle ways, laughs at your dry jokes and opens her body in a way she showcases her assets to you).


What TO DO when you meet a green-light type 

  • Make her laugh, take her to fun dates. Have lots of fun together.
  • Don’t waste time, move fast with her, don’t beat around the bush. Tell her what you want; she already likes you.



  • Don’t take her for granted because she made it easy for you. You still have to win her over or she’ll lose interest in you.

NB: 25% of the types of ladies you will meet would be green-light type.


2. Red-Light Type.

This type of lady knows instantly you’re not her type and she’s not interested you. She’s going to blow you off bro. She’s going to “auto-reject” you.

Most ladies found here are; in a very serious relationship, heartbroken (and she’s now bitter towards all masculine gender), lesbians and so on.


How to know when You Meet a ‘red-light type’

Before You Approach Her:

She’ll give out no signals to be approached.

When you approach her:

  • She responds nonchalantly to your opener or doesn’t respond at all.
  • She doesn’t make eye contact with you and definitely won’t smile with or at you (she might just fix eyes on her phone’s screen).
  • When you try to start a conversation with her, she gives you very cold responses or totally ignores you and if you persist, she might excuse herself and walk out on you or hurl insults at you.

During Courtship:

  • There won’t be a courtship here bro, because she ain’t giving you her contact.


What TO DO when you meet a Red-light kinda girl

  •  Ignore her and move on bro!!! Simple! And remember it’s not your fault she rejected you. Don’t take rejection personal.

NB: This is actually the type of ladies guys are scared of when they’re approaching ladies.

Fortunately for you, they only represent 25% of the types of ladies you will meet out there.


However, the last type represents 50% of ladies you’ll meet. Yes! Half of the ladies you’ll meet would likely fall in the next category.

So pay attention.


3. Yellow-Light Type

This type of lady doesn’t know if she’s interested in you, but she will give you an opportunity to get her interested in you.

She’s just in between the Green-Light type and the Red-light type of girl.


How to know when You Meet a ‘red-light type’

Before you approach her:

She might give you slight signals. She may make eye contact with you and look away immediately and frown.


When you approach her:

  •  She casually responds to you opener, and not in an excited way like a green.
  • Periodically makes eye contact with you.
  • Starts contributing well in the conversation ONLY when you’ve aroused her interest in you.
  • She might reluctantly give you her phone number, or give you her social media handle instead of her number.


During Courtship:

  • Respond to your online messages slowly and sometimes with one word replies.
  • Cancels or Postpones dates with you two or three times before finally meeting you.
  • Want you to invest in her first, before she starts investing in you (that is; you might be the only one calling for a while, before she decides to start returning the favor).


The thing is, among the three types of women, yellow-light types of women are the most confusing, time wasting and frustrating of them all.


What TO DO when you meet a Yellow-Light kinda lady

Now, what to do is to convert this yellow as fast as possible to either a Green-light type or a Red-Light type.  Hence:

  • Don’t appear needy (when she’s replying you slowly, reply her slowly too; don’t make the mistake of calling her too much). Just do things moderately. Don’t chase her
  • Try and arrange an offline date immediately you collect her contact.
  • Start flirting with her on the first date (start with soft flirting first before getting more intense)
  • Change venues for the dates.
  • Get her to invest in you (ask her to call you, do a favor for you and so on… just get her to do something(s) for you, no matter how small)
  • Create a little competition for her; show her that other ladies also want to be with you.  (Give her a feeling that you like her, but you can still get any lady you want out there)
  • And if by the 3rd date at most, you’ve not converted her to a Green-light type, let her go bro!!!

Don’t waste your time further on her, go and find yourself another lady.


Conclusion: Three Types of Women

So, you’ve seen the three types of women you would likely meet when you’re actively approaching women. If you’re new in the game of approaching ladies, it’s better you start with the Green-light type of women to build your confidence.

And if you paid attention to the post you’ll know how to identify them.

They’re basically the ones that give you green light (signs and signals showing interest)

Don’t dwell on Red-light types. Just shrug off their rejections and move on.

Don’t waste a lot of time on Yellow-light kinda ladies. Try to convert them to a green ASAP or let them go and find yourself a green-light lady.


See you later,

Gerald Dike.

About the Author: Gerald Dike

Gerald Dike is the founder of Relationship Strategies For Men. He has helped thousands of men have better interactions and healthy relationships with women of their dreams. He is also an entrepreneur in one of the biggest countries in Africa.

You can grab his new Book here==> The Attractive Man: How to Become the Man Who Women Desire And Chase

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