Things You Know About Ladies Which are Not Entirely True

Mindsets Most Men Have about Women which are Not Entirely True

There are certain mindsets which unfortunately, most guys have concerning ladies.

And before any of the strategies shared on this blog can work for you; you have to squash those mindsets.
This is the reason I’m making this post.
So Please, I will like you to read this post with an open mind.
Okay? Good!

1) Ladies are only after the Money 
I remember one cool evening back in my university days. I was with one my Gees; we were just outside the lodge, feeding our dear eyes to relieve some Campus stress (that kind thing nah).

Then a 10/10 passed, my friend exclaimed;
“Gee!!! Just look at this perfect creation.”
“Yeah bro! She was definitely created on Sunday” I replied, nodding in agreement.
Then I added, “Go and talk to her nah”.
He stole a glance at her again, and then said to me with a low uninspired voice;
“Gee, this girl na money nah… I never get money, I never get car nah”

I thought to myself,

“He has already concluded without trying, just based on assumption”

And just like my friend, a lot of guys have assumed that ALL you need to win a lady over is Money.

Okay, so you use your money to win over this girl… So what’s going to keep her? More money?
Lol! I’m pretty sure there will always be men who’ll have more money than you.

So that mindset will only make you ‘insecure’, because you know that a lady will always meet guys with more money than you.

Don’t get me wrong, all other things being equal, a lady will choose a richer guy over a poorer one. But all things are not always equal nah.

Most ladies might may claim they want rich guys (as you claim you want ladies with a perfect face, big ass & ‘brezz’) but they (ladies) end up dating and marrying men within their social class (as you’ll probably end up dating and marrying one ‘lekpacious flat screen’ lol).

See ehh, the thing is;

You can use only money to get a girl’s body, but you can’t use it to capture her soul.
You need more than money to do the latter.
And if you want a lady to be devoted to you, to be loyal to you like Cookie is to Lucious in Empire or as Tasha is to Ghost in Power.
You need to capture her soul and only money CANNOT get that for you.

However, the only group of ladies that you ONLY need money to win over, are the ‘less privileged ones’.
Not necessarily the ones from poor backgrounds, but the ones with poor mentality.

That’s why I stick with classy ladies with independent mindset, because I know that;

“All ladies have vaginas, but not all have a functional brain”.

I advise you to do so too.

I know that you know that what am saying is the truth, because we all have that one broke ass friend who is always dating only hot and pretty ladies. Hence, all ladies are after the money is not entirely true

So onto the next one!

2) Ladies are only attracted to handsome guys
I see a lot of guys having low self-esteem issues because they think they’re not attractive enough to get the lady of their dreams.
So they say to themselves “I’ll get lots of money, so that any girl I like will like me too”

Lol, it’s good that you want to have lots of money, who wouldn’t want to?

But let your motivation not be because you can’t approach beautiful girls; because you think you’re not attractive enough.
So you now leave your attractiveness entirely on money and mere material possessions.

Brotherly, you’re just preparing yourself to be on the top Maga lists of every young girl you meet, when you eventually get the money.


Listen carefully to this:
Being attractive to ladies is not all about having good looks. Having good looks is just 10% of what a lady finds attractive in a guy.
And fortunately for you, the other 90% can be controlled by you.

True, good looks will get you lots of attention from females, however when they come closer and realize you don’t have the other 90%. They will fucking leave!

I know you’re now curious to know what the other 90% is.
I’ll tell you.

Physically, you can get more attractive to ladies by;
Having a good dress sense, good grooming, good posture, nice hairstyle and appropriate facial hairs (this one is optional, but it sure helps)

Psychologically, you can get more attractive to ladies by;
Having self-confidence, being a good conversationalist, having a great sense of humour, maintaining the right eye contact, having a great dominance level and so on.

And as you can see, all these can be completely controlled and learned by you.

The only place, I think good looks matter much is on Social Media, because ladies notice your looks first, before your personality.

So get yourself a good dp and try to arrange an offline date ASAP and make her fall in love with your personality.

I’ll end this one with a quote, dating expert, Chase Amante wrote in one his articles

“Your looks matter less to her than hers matter to you” 

Hence, the statement that ladies only date guys who are naturally good looking is not entirely true.

3) Ladies don’t like sex
Just like guys, ladies also desire, enjoy and most times seek out activities in the Ozza room, however, due  to religion, cultural and social restrictions, especially around this part of the world, ladies are often reserved towards these activities.
So they kinda do their things in a more low-key manner than guys.

Also their desire is dependent on certain parameters.
For example, their desire is highest during ovulation.
This is of biological significance, because it increases the chance of fertilization. It is also dependent on their partner; ladies tend to have more desire for those activities, if their partner is a great lover.

So just get this in the back of your head, ladies desire and enjoy sexual activities like you do. Some Scientists even claim they desire it more than men, though they’ve not been enough evidences to back this claim up. But you know what they say, ‘there’s an element of truth in every rumour’.

So if you have that mindset that ladies don’t like sex, that mindset is not entirely the truth, because they actually do and it depends greatly on the guy.

4) Ladies are always seeking guys to enter a committed relationship with
A lot of guys that I have talked with, think ladies don’t want anything from men except commitment.
So they resort to telling ladies they want to date them, when all they want is just to have causal relationship (sex) with those ladies.

That’s not unfair. It’s manipulative and in this platform we don’t encourage that. Always make your intentions clear to a lady from the start.

Listen to this bro.

A woman doesn’t always want commitment from men; sometimes she just wants a fling, hookup, one night stand, friends-with-benefits, side guy and so on.

Ladies are smart when it comes to heart and romantic matters, so when they meet a guy newly they quickly categorize him.

They often ask themselves questions like;

Is this guy a boyfriend material or just a lover (fling) material?

Or will he suit best to be just a friend to me?

If you happen to be just a lover material, they’re willing to have casual sex with you, no strings attached.

However, if you happen to fit into the boyfriend zone, she’ll try to have a relationship with you.

And if you’re just a friend material, she moves you straight to the friend zone.


It is also important to note, you’re 90% in charge of the category she puts you in.

From your actions and your level of attractiveness.


Later, I’ll be sharing how you can control in your favour, the category any lady puts you in.

Watch out for it.


Now, let’s go to the next one;


5) Ladies want to be treated like an Equal

Forget Feminism talk brotherly!

Ladies don’t want her lover or boyfriend, to treat her as if she’s equal with him. She wants her man to be the dominant one in the relationship.
She wants YOU to be the MAN and treat her like a GIRL she is.

When a lady says she wants to be treated like an equal, she’s referring to males she’s not having sexual relationship with; like her male peers, male colleagues and so on.
She’s no way referring to her LOVER.

I’m not telling you to disrespect her. No! Respect her, but still treat her like a GIRL, that she is.

That means; you will be the one to take major decisions in the relationship (while you ask for her opinions though); if she fucks up, you correct her orderly like a man should (no hitting though), do the heavy lifting and so on.

If you think your girl wants you to treat her as an equal in every aspect; that mindset too is not entirely true. So change it.

To the last but not the least;

6) You need to pretend to be someone else to get a lady
You don’t have to change your personality to get a lady you want.
Although, you might have to IMPROVE some of your personality, but you don’t need to CHANGE it entirely, just to get a lady.

For instance;
If you are the quiet type; who doesn’t like talking much. You don’t have to become a talkative to get a lady.
However, you might need to improve your conversation skills with ladies.

You grab it now? Awesome!


If you’re able to squash these mindsets, you can now be able to utilize efficiently, the strategies which will be shared subsequently in this group.
This will immediately increase your success with women.
Meaning that; you’ll be able to approach and get any type of lady you want.

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I wish you an amazing love life.



About the Author: Gerald Dike

Gerald Dike is the founder of Relationship Strategies For Men. He has helped thousands of men have better interactions and healthy relationships with women of their dreams. He is also an entrepreneur in one of the biggest countries in Africa.

You can grab his new Book here==> The Attractive Man: How to Become the Man Who Women Desire And Chase

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