Avoiding the friend zone

How to Avoid the Friend zone when Approaching Women

Staying Out of the Friend zone when approaching Ladies

Sometime ago, I talked about the Approach Strategies; the indirect and direct ways of approaching any woman, anywhere and anytime. Now, if you use these strategies, it’ll get you lots of girls’ phone numbers and dates. However, if you’re not wise, you might still end up in the friend zone. But there are certain things you have to DO, to avoid being friend zoned when approaching women out there.

And this is what I’m going to talk about today.


I’ve noticed something.

Most guys, when they like a lady and would want to date or have sex with the lady, their usual approach is to try and be friends with the lady first. So they start to spend time with her, doing stuffs for her, being nice to her, hoping that she’ll see them as a boyfriend material and fall in love with them.

Bro, that’s the easiest way to enter the friend zone. You’re just asking and begging to be friend zoned.

I know why most guys take the above routine often. It involves less risk.


However, to have success with women, you have to move FAST, take RISKS and be BOLD with them.

It shows you’re a confident man, and trust me every woman finds confidence sexy. It’s in their DNA.


What do I mean by this?

  • It means the first time you talk to a lady you like, ask her for her phone number (that’s moving fast & taking risk).
  • When you get a lady’s phone number, call her the same day you got her number and immediately try to set up an offline date with her (that’s moving fast).
  • When you’re on a date with her, don’t beat around the bush too much, show her you’re interested in her as a lover and not as a friend (that’s being bold).
  • If you want to have sex with a lady, try inviting her to your home from the first date and when she comes to your home, try making advances at her  from the first visit (and now that’s moving fast, taking risk and being bold).

When you move fast with ladies; they respect you more because “women love men who know and go after what they want quickly”

Another advantage of moving fast and taking risks with girls is that you know immediately, the ladies who are not interested in you or can’t date you (maybe because they’re in a serious relationship). So you cut them off immediately and move on unto the next one.

In other words, it saves you time.




Another mistake you have to avoid with ladies, is investing too much on her immediately you meet her.

When you meet a lady newly, get her to invest in you immediately.

This means that from the first date, get her to talk more (don’t be the only one doing the talking), get her to text you more.

Don’t be the only one calling.

Avoid buying gifts for her yet (wait till she’s your girlfriend before doing that), this includes sending airtime too.


This doesn’t mean you should be stingy. No not at all.

Give her the impression, that you’re generous with girls, but only to those who you’re in a relationship with or are friends with benefits to you.

You can give her this impression by paying for the first date; or telling her ‘casually’ about a birthday gift you bought for an ex girlfriend.

For example, you could tell her casually (not in a bragging manner) something like this;

“Your watch looks really nice… it kinda looks like the one I got for my ex on her birthday, when we were still dating”

This statement signifies you’ll be a generous ‘boyfriend’ and not a generous ‘friend’.

The main thing you should do when you meet a girl newly is this:

As you’re investing in her, get her to invest in you too.


For example:

If you have called her for maybe two times, the third time tell her you would love it if she calls you one of these days, that it would mean a lot to you.


Personally, I add a threat to mine (lol no time).  I’m usually like:

“… since I’ve known you dear, you’ve never called me on phone before. I’m the one who has been calling. That’s not fair though. It just seems like I’m bugging you and I don’t think I’ll call you again until you call me because it seems like I’m disturbing you, and I don’t like to bother people”

Trust me, 98% of the time, they start calling. And those who didn’t call, I didn’t call again.

Always remember this:

The more you invest in a girl, the friendlier you appear to her. But the more she invests in you, the sexier you become to her.

The friendlier you appear to her; the easier you’ll be friend zoned by her.

NB: Don’t ask a woman you just met newly to invest BIG in you. She’ll just see you as a gold digger that wants to exploit her. Just ask her for small favours like calling you on phone, coming over to cook for you and so on.


BECOME AN ATTRACTIVE MAN. Back in my secondary school days, there was this classmate of mine, Nelson. Nelson was one of those ‘cool’ boys in school then.

He was always neat; his uniform was well tailored that it fit perfectly on him. He also made sure he ironed them exceptionally well every time. Nelson also had his way with words… he knew how to hold a conversation with ladies, make them laugh hard. He also had charisma, so everyone loved him including the teachers, so he was popular.


In other words, Nelson was an attractive boy and girls were drooling all over him in secondary school. So, when Nelson approached a girl he liked in school then, the girl will definitely be happy to associate with him because her ‘reps’ would automatically increase, and other girls will be envious of her. She dares not friend zone him.

So Nelson, rarely got friend zoned.

What am I trying to say?

The more attractive you become, the less ladies will want to friend zone you. It’s simple like that.

Like I always say being attractive to women is more than just having good looks and money. Those two help though. However, you need more.

You need to know how to dress well, have good grooming, know how to touch girls (especially the first time), how to hold conversation with women like a lover and not as a friend, how to be effortless when wooing women, how to have a good body language, how to seduce women just with eye contact and facial expressions, and many more…

And all these are all learnable.


For example, the character “James Bond” is an attractive man. Go watch the movies again; this time forget about the action and pay attention how he relates with ladies; you’ll see that James bond character has all the features of an attractive man. Pay attention to the photo’s below

Avoiding the friend zone

Check the eye contact

Look how he maintains strong and sexy eye contact with ladies

How to avoid friend zone

James Bond moves fast with ladies


Bro, you need to become an attractive man; although it’ll some effort to transform yourself to that man ladies chase and pursue, however the rewards are enormous. Just imagine James Bond getting friend zoned? Hahaha Not possible.



You will find yourself in absolutely no friend zone, when you’re an ATTRACTIVE man who moves FAST and takes RISKS with ladies, who is BOLD enough to ask ladies for what he wants from them and knows how to get a woman to start investing in him immediately he meets them.


And most importantly, you should always be willing to WALK AWAY if you’re not getting what you wanted.

Don’t enter any lady’s friend zone no matter how pretty you think the lady is. Never settle for less, my brother.


Cheers to staying out of the friend zone,


About the Author: Gerald Dike

Gerald Dike is the founder of Relationship Strategies For Men. He has helped thousands of men have better interactions and healthy relationships with women of their dreams. He is also an entrepreneur in one of the biggest countries in Africa.

You can grab his new Book here==> The Attractive Man: How to Become the Man Who Women Desire And Chase

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