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Do This One Thing and You Will Understand Women Completely

Understanding Women 301

It is very important for you to understand women because when you start knowing why women act the way they act, you’ll know how to interact with them better.

I’ve made previous posts about understanding women (101 and 102). So, today we’re going to look into understanding women 301.


I believe the main reason men usually misunderstand women is because we usually see things through our eyes only.
However, men and women have different worldviews, so they tend to see things a bit differently. Therefore, before you can understand women completely, you learn how to see the world through their own eyes too.
And in this post, I’ll try to use illustrations to explain a little how it feels to be a woman.


Let’s assume you were just on your own, going about your business. Then a phone seller approaches you and tries to sell you a phone.
Now, there are so many reasons you could reject this seller’s advances:
  • You might already have a phone which you’re comfortable with and you sincerely don’t need another phone.
  • You don’t have money to buy the phone.
  • Maybe you don’t like the brand of the phone he’s trying to sell to you.
  • You might not be in a good mood to be talked to, talk more of sold to.
Because of one or more of the above reasons you told the seller that you’re not interested or you ignored him totally.
Remember, you didn’t do that because you hate the seller or you think he’s not worthy enough to sell you a phone. No, it was mainly because of individual reasons.
This is a similar thing when approaching and meeting women. You as a man is like a seller and the woman is the buyer.
And whenever you approach a woman, there are so many reasons she could reject your advances and most times it’s not about you as an individual.
  • She might already be in a happy relationship and sincerely doesn’t want any form of distraction in it.
  • She could be emotionally unavailable. Maybe she’s just coming out from a very bitter relationship and she temporarily hates all masculine gender.
  • You might have approached her when she was in a bad mood and other reasons.
As you can see, rejection by ladies is not usually personal. That random lady who rejected you a month ago might be so warm to you when you approach her again tomorrow. Hence, stop taking rejection personally and quit getting scared of it. EVERYONE gets rejected in life—it’s inevitable.


Okay, so when you told the seller that you are not interested in the phone or you ignored him completely…
…if the seller continued disturbing and begging you to buy the phone… how would you feel? I’m sure you would probably feel angry and irritated because the seller is becoming a nuisance.
This is the same way a lady feels when she makes it very clear that she’s not interested in you either by telling you blatantly or by ignoring your texts and calls, but you keep on disturbing and begging her to reconsider.
The thing is, the more you chase a girl; that is, begging her, trying to convince her to reconsider your proposal after she clearly told she doesn’t want…the more you blow your chances with her.
Therefore, whenever a lady makes it CLEAR she doesn’t want what you’re offering, don’t chase and beg her.
Just replace her by going to meet other girls, the same way the seller you rejected would probably go to meet other potential buyers.
The funny part is if the girl sees how you replaced her immediately and how other girls are all over you, she would likely tell herself maybe she judged you too quickly.
And you might see her trying to establish contact with you. In other words, she starts chasing you herself.
When you understand women; you’ll no longer chase them.


Some time ago, one of our brothers Eddy-Dawn made an article about how women ‘shit’ test men in our Private Forum on Facebook.
And I noticed some guys were pissed about the fact that women are intentionally testing them. But the truth is everybody throws these tests at others.
Most of the guys here have tested me consciously or subconsciously (and would probably continue testing me as time goes on).
You know, when they saw me claim being a relationship strategist who would give them strategies which would boost their success with women, most of the guys were skeptical until maybe one of the strategies I shared worked so effortlessly for them or I answered a question to their satisfaction or some other way.
Then, they were convinced and now started seeing me as someone they could trust and listen to what he says.
I know if I failed these tests, a lot of guys would’ve probably stopped listening to me and called me a scam.
This is also the same with women.

You’ve to understand that the main thing women seek in a man is the trait of dominance and confidence while men seek mainly physical attractiveness in a woman.

However, unlike physical attractiveness of women which is so obvious if they got it or not; dominance and confidence are traits which you cannot tell immediately if a man possess it or not.
Therefore, women throw those tests at you to know if you’re really the confident and dominant man you claim to be.
When you pass these tests of women, you would notice an increase in attraction and the trust they have for you.
On the other hand, if you fail, she knows you were just faking and she loses interest in you.
The other day, I was with my parents, and to my surprise I noticed my mum throwing tests at my dad. Then I realized these tests are natural thing with women and they won’t just stop coming.
Hence, men who understand women expect tests from women and conquer them.


You remember that seller that came to sell you a phone earlier? Good. Now, let’s assume that when he came to sell you the phone, he actually got you interested.
So, you decided to test the phone to confirm if it has all the features and benefits the seller claimed it had.
You checked the camera and the internet speed, and it was really as he claimed. You were excited and convinced about the phone until you played a song with it and the speaker sounded very inferior.
“Something is not right!”You said to yourself.
Then, the seller tries to convince you to make a commitment and pay for the phone immediately. You would probably makeup a flimsy excuse why you can’t buy it now.
This is the similar thing that happens when you get a woman interested enough to start testing you. And you didn’t fail woefully, however you didn’t pass as she expected you to. This would make her a bit unsure about you.
But because she doesn’t want to lose you completely because of your potentials in case she doesn’t find someone better than you, she now tries to slot you into the reserved zone aka purgatory zone.

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She could do this by letting you know she likes you but she’s not ready to be in a committed relationship at the moment or she tells you to give her time to sort things out.
Now, this is where most men mess up… they usually try to form a nice considerate guy by giving the girls that time to sort things out while acting like a good potential boyfriend to her.
Doing this is the same as that seller telling you to keep the phone and pay him whenever you’ve the money, when you made up a flimsy excuse not to buy the phone.
Now tell me brother, would you ever have that money to pay for the phone when you’re already using the phone free of charge? If you’re honest with yourself, the answer would be NO.
The best thing that seller would do at that moment is to let you know that if you don’t buy the phone now, he won’t guarantee it would still be available whenever you decide to buy it. And then HE immediately goes to approach other potential buyers.
I hope you now understand why I always advise that you should cut off contact with a girl who asks you to give her some time to sort things out.
This action of yours will push her to reach a decision about you fast.
When you understand women, you’ll never wait on a girl who asked you to give her some time to sort things out.
But if you decide to wait on her while acting like a good prospective boyfriend, you’re strictly on your own brother.


Naturally, women are not risk takers. Hence, they usually go after safer options. This is the reason most women are scared of adult men who are still ‘single and searching’ and virgin men.
They usually ask themselves subconsciously why you’ve been searching and still single. That means, there’s obviously something wrong with you which is scaring other girls away from you.
And she’ll run away from you too without wanting to find out because it’s not in female’s nature to take unnecessary risks.
But it’s not the same for men. We are naturally risk takers, we love to go to places where no man has ever been to and do what no man has ever done before. That’s the main reason our attraction rises for a girl who tells us she’s a virgin or has never had a boyfriend. Our male instinct will motivate us to accomplish what no man has done before—make her ours.
But our male instinct won’t allow us to wonder why a fine girl like that has never dated…No, it won’t because we’re risk takers.
On the other hand, we usually lose interest in most things when we find out almost every man has done it. You have to understand that men are egoistical beings, hence, doing what no man or very few men have done massages our ego.

Most girls know this and that’s why they usually use the “I’m a virgin” or “I’ve never done this before with anybody”line on men to increase the attraction and respect the men have for them.

Now, the problem is some men think women are like them in this aspect, so when they meet a girl they like, they try so hard to hide the fact they’ve other ladies who are attracted to them.
They even go to the extent of deleting every picture they have snapped with another girl from their phone and laptops. Not knowing they’re actually hurting their chances with the girl.
Hence, never hide the fact that other girls like you or that you have previously dated a lot of girls from that girl you like. Just let her know that even though that all those girls want you, none of them compares to her.
Bro, you know the funny thing? The more girls like you, the more other girls get attracted to you. It’s just like compound interest; it’s so crazy!! Sometimes, I really do have pity on these male celebrities.
When you understand women, you’ll subtly start showing women you’re also desired by other attractive women.


A lot of men are usually frustrated with the fact that some girls ignore their chats and stuff. Some even go ahead raining insults on those girls. Haha!
This anger and frustration stems from the fact that these guys are seeing it just from their own perspective. They’ve never sat down and analyzed it from a girl’s angle.
The truth is a girl’s inbox and a guy’s inbox are not the same thing—not even close.
An average guy might get a couple of messages from 10 new people in a month.
But a girl with moderate looks gets several messages (like 40 & above) from an average of 20 new men every month who want her attention. This number doesn’t even include her female friends’ messages and lesbians who want her attention too.
Therefore, it’s quite a busy place in a girl’s inbox. This is the reason I normally advise men to mingle less with girls online. Instead they should interact more with them offline.
Face to face is always better to meet and move things forward with girls. Always!
So, when next you’re about to send that cute girl a DM, ask yourself this:

“If I were a girl and I receive lots of messages from different men who want me…will I respond to this message I’m about to send?”

If you didn’t answer “yes” immediately, then rewrite the message to the kind of one that’s worthy of a response.


To really understand women better, you’ve to try to always see things through their eyes. Put yourself in their shoes and try to decipher why they acted in the way they did.
When you do this ONE thing often, women would get less complicated for you. And that’s all in Understanding women 301. I don’t know if there would be a 401, but till then though.
Keep winning bro,

About the Author: Gerald Dike

Gerald Dike is the founder of Relationship Strategies For Men. He has helped thousands of men have better interactions and healthy relationships with women of their dreams. He is also an entrepreneur in one of the biggest countries in Africa.

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