Push back strategy

The Push Back Strategy Which Works so Effortlessly on Women

The Push Back Strategy

I promise you that after learning this push back strategy; it would become one of your most important favorite techniques you’ll apply to your interactions with women.

During your interactions with women, there would be times they would ask you unexpected questions which would take off-balance and might make you start fumbling with words while trying to answer those questions.


Questions Like:


a) Why are you attracted to me? Why do you like me?

b) So, why do you want to kiss me/have sex with me?

c) Why are you looking at me like that?

d) Why do you love me?

e) When was the last time you had sex?


As you can see, these sort of questions usually puts the pressure on you. And then you start thinking of the best way to answer.

Back then, I answered these questions directly. But I usually noticed a decline in attraction from most of the girls.


For Instance:

Her: Why are you attracted to me?

Clueless Me: Everything about you. The way your voice sounds, your charming eyes, your enchanting smiles. The way you make my heart skip whenever I’m with you…blah blah blah.


Though this style worked sometimes, especially with the inexperienced ladies. However, I noticed that it didn’t work much on those social savvy gorgeous ladies. Most of them usually lost interest in me when I answered those kind of questions in a direct manner.


A Better Way

So, I decided to stop answering those tricky questions directly. I started giving them an indirect answer and pushing it back to them.

As I began using this push back strategy, I noticed a boost in attraction in those girls—both the inexperienced and experienced girls.


Hence, I adopted it as one of my techniques.


Now, using the above examples, I’ll show you how the push-back strategy works.


Example I


Her: Why are you attracted to me? Why do you like me?


You: Why wouldn’t I be? Give me three reasons why a right-thinking man like me won’t be attracted to you?


Example II

Her: So, why do you want to kiss me/have sex with me?

You: Why wouldn’t I want to? Are you trying to deny that you’re not feeling this strong attraction between us?


Example III

Her: Why are you looking at me like that? [If you were giving her the sexy stare]

You: Tell me one thing around here which is worthy of my stare other than you. Just one thing.


Example IV

Her: Why do you love me?

You: Tell me a reason not to… I’m waiting.


Example V

Her: When was the last time you had sex?

You: Why do you want to know?

Her: Nothing… I just want to know.

You: You’re already thinking about tying my hands on bed and handling me with reckless abandon. You naughty girl! [You say this in a teasing tone and a funny facial expression to show her you’re just kidding]

Her: [laughs] No! I’m not. Bad boy!

You: But have you ever been dominated in bed before?

Her: …


Benefit of the Push Back Strategy

The thing is, when a girl throws you these sort of questions, she puts you on pressure to give her a worthy answer.

And when you answer it directly you’re automatically heading to the role of the approved in the interaction. That is, the person who is seeking for validation from the other.

But instead of giving into the pressure and giving her a direct answer; instead you pushed it back to her. Making her feel the pressure instead.

Basically, you’re answering her question back with a question. And when she answers the question, she’s seeking for your approval instead.


Why Push Back Strategy is Good for Attraction


1) It Challenges Women:

One of the needs of a woman is to be challenged. Girls love men who challenge them. Men who are not scared to mount some pressure and tension on them.


This is also the mistake nice guys make with girls—they make it too easy for girls they like. A nice guy would quickly answer all those questions directly in order to please the girl.

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So, using the push back strategy on girls make them feel challenged, hence boosting their attraction for you.


2) Shows High-Status:


When you use the push back strategy, it also communicates to the lady that you’re in no way placing her on pedestals. That means you don’t see her as a higher value than you.


The truth is, if you think someone is higher than you; you’ll not answer their questions indirectly. A student will be afraid to answer his teacher indirectly, while a teacher could easily answer his student’s question indirectly.


For Instance:

Teacher: What is your name?

Student: My name is Obinna.


On the other hand…

Student: Sir, what’s your name?

Teacher: Why do you want to know my name?

Therefore, using the push back strategy clearly communicates to a girl you’re not placing her on pedestals. And ladies are attracted to men who don’t worship them.


3) It Intrigues Girls:

Girls love to be intrigued and placed on suspense. Why do you think they could follow a show in Zee World from season 1-12? Well, Zee World have mastered how to keep their audience in suspense and intrigue them.

And when you push back their questions to them without giving them a definite answer, it makes them more curious to get that answer. You now become another Zee World to them.


4) Gets Girls to Invest More:

When you directly answer every question a girl asks you, you’re investing more into the interaction—which is not cool.

However, when you push it back to her, you get her talking more. Thereby, investing more in the interaction. And the more invested a girl is in you, the more she likes you.




Since I started using this push back strategy, I’ve noticed an incredible improvement in my interaction with women.

In fact, I’m so good with push back now that it’s like a second nature to me. I’m like the push back king now. Haha!

However, do not over use this strategy on girls. When you dodge a girl’s questions too much, she tends to build her walls up.

Just use this strategy mainly for those their tricky and difficult questions.


Until next time,


About the Author: Gerald Dike

Gerald Dike is the founder of Relationship Strategies For Men. He has helped thousands of men have better interactions and healthy relationships with women of their dreams. He is also an entrepreneur in one of the biggest countries in Africa.

You can grab his new Book here==> The Attractive Man: How to Become the Man Who Women Desire And Chase

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