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Six Reasons Girls Prefer Bad Guys To Nice Guys

Bad Guys Vs Nice Guys

On Tuesday evening, I made a short post on our Private Facebook Community. In the post, I implied that girls generally prefer bad guys to nice guys.

See the post below:

From the comments on the post, I found out two major things.

  • Most guys misunderstood the context of the bad guys in the post. They thought I meant criminals.
  • A lot of guys wanted to know why it was like that. I mean why would girls neglect that nice polite guy who will worship and treat her like his only queen? And then go after a bad guy who she would literally be struggling to have his attention with other girls.


So in this post, I’ll try to explain these confusions and try to make it clearer for you.


Who is a Bad Guy? Who is a Nice Guy?

Previously, I’ve made posts which explained in details who a nice guy is.

See the posts below.


But in summary, a nice guy is a guy who acts so polite and harmless around girls, especially the ones he has feelings for. Nice guys respect girls and their personal space way too much. They like to take it so slow with women, they don’t want to appear rude to girls.

An example of a typical nice guy is the movie character Barry Allen aka The Flash. Although the guy is a superhero, he is still a super nice guy to women. Go watch how he interacts with women and learn how you should NEVER act around women.


Now, who is a bad guy? When I refer to bad guys (in seduction and dating), I’m not talking about thugs, touts, cultists or criminals. Nah. I cannot advise you to become what might hurt you in the future.

When I say bad guys, I mean guys who give girls the ‘naughty’ vibe. That is, guys who are not scared to give girls they like the impression that they’re sexually attracted to them and are very much interested in having sex with them.

Bad guys don’t pretend to be a monk around girls. They instantly start flirting with every girl they like even if she portrays herself to be the purest among all girls on planet earth.


Bad guys genuinely don’t care about obeying certain societal rules that doesn’t make sense to them.

For example, a typical bad guy doesn’t give a rat’s ass about the mainstream dating advice. Such as:

  • If you like a girl, take it slow. Don’t show her you want to have sex with her. Become her friend first.
  • Never make a move on a girl on the first date. Wait at least till the third date before showing any romantic intent.
  • Don’t ever try to have sex with a girl the first time she comes to your place.
  • Call and send romantic texts to the girl you like every day.
  • Buy her gifts regularly.


Bad guys don’t care about all these silly rules. But our typical nice guy does.

An example of a bad guy is the movie character James Bond. Go watch how James Bond interacts with women and understand how you should be interacting with women.


So why do girls prefer guys who break all these above rules? I mean, a lot of girls say they want men who usually follow the above rules. But they turn around to friend zone and take for granted nice guys who usually follow judiciously these above rules?

I’ll tell you the reasons soon.

But first, let me mention for the 1001th time:

Pay less attention to what women say, pay more attention to what they do.

Now to those reasons… Shall we?


Six Reasons Girls Prefer Bad Guys to Nice Guys

  1. Bad Guys Are Exciting: Nice Guys Are Boring

Women love exciting and fun things. This is the reason they’re the major consumers in entertainment industry.

For Instance:

  • Women use Social Media more than Men.
  • Ladies watch TV and movies more than Guys.
  • Females attend Comedy/Music more than Males.

Although men are usually the ones who directly or indirectly sponsor the women to have fun. However, girls are naturally more interested in everything that is entertaining and fun.

The thing is, women are fun beings—they love having fun. All of them. Therefore, ladies don’t like boring things or persons. They easily get bored.

The fact is, most nice guys are boring. Nice guys are usually too rigid and stiff. Probably because they care too much about what other people think of them.

So most times, they try so hard to do or say only things which they think would be acceptable to others even if it’s not acceptable to them. They avoid to break the silliest rules because they don’t want to displease anyone. They wish to remain in the good book of everyone. So, they try to follow every rule.

This attitude prevents them from acting spontaneous.

And they also act this way around women, trying to transfer their rigidity to girls.  Most girls don’t fancy this attitude. They like guys who are not scared to break some societal rules.

You know, breaking rules are exciting.

Doing what you are not supposed to do is so thrilling—especially to females.

This is the reason back in the secondary school, girls crushed on those bad students who are usually breaking some school rules like; coming to school late, flying out their uniforms, wearing off-color uniforms and so on.

Bad guys are just exciting. They’re not self-conscious. They don’t allow the fear of what people might say stop them from doing what they want.

So you see them acting spontaneously with women, breaking certain silly societal rules. Like:

  • Going for the first kiss few minutes after meeting a girl for the first time.
  • Kissing or making out with a girl in public.
  • Dancing in public like no one is watching.

Basically, bad guys make girls shy while girls make nice guys shy. And you making a girl shy turns her on greatly.

But most nice guys are too worried about themselves and protecting their moral reputation in the eyes of others to do spontaneous stuff with girls.

And this makes them highly boring to women. Since women love exciting things and people, they usually go after the bad boys.


2. Bad Guys Are Challenging: Nice Guys Are Not

One of the needs of a woman is Challenge. They need a man who makes them work for his love and attention.

But most nice guys are not aware of this. What they do most times is giving a girl they like the impression that they’re already completely in love with her. And they’re willing to do ANYTHING she wants.

Bad guys don’t do this. They’re always a challenge to girls. True, they usually make the first move by showing a girl they’re interested in them in a more direct and confident way.

However, they give girls the impression that if they want to keep their attention, they (girls) have to put in visible effort in the interaction.


  • A nice guy will do most of the talking in the conversation—trying to impress the girl with words. While a bad guy will get the girl to do most of the talking while he listens and relates to it like a boss he is.
  • When a new girl visits a nice guy, he cooks and serves the girl—with the intention of impressing the girl. But a bad guy will either get the girl to cook or help him to prepare the meal.
  • A nice guy will quickly give a direct answer to every question a girl asks him. While a bad guy would likely apply intrigue by either pushing it back to her or giving an indirect answer to 70% of the questions a girl asks him.


Since women are internally wired to get attracted to men who give them a challenge, they run after bad guys while neglecting the polite nice guys.


      3. Nice Guys Place Girls On Pedestals: Bad Guys Don’t

Women are naturally attracted to high status man. And do you know ONE thing that a truly high value man NEVER do? They don’t place women on pedestals.

A high value man will never think that a particular girl is so rare and  special that she has to be worshiped. He knows that every woman is unique and different in her own way; but no lady is so special that she cannot be replaced.

But nice guys place women on pedestals every time. They always have that ‘special’ girl who they believe is better and above every other female out there.

And once a girl notices you place her on pedestals, she starts seeing you as lower in status compared to her. Then she starts taking you for granted.

Girls really don’t fancy guys who see them as a fragile egg to be pampered and treated with caution every time.

Bad guys don’t usually make this mistake of placing girls on pedestals. They usually see girls as who they are; silly and cute beings who shouldn’t be taken seriously most times. Just like kids in adult bodies.

Even when they make love to girls, they don’t do it with respect like most nice guys do. They usually go on a beast mode. And trust me 98% of girls love it rough.

And this is another reason girls prefer bad boys to nice guys.


    4. Bad Guys Act Confident Around Girls: Nice Guys Act Nervous And Insecure

Confidence is so attractive to women. And confidence is one the major traits of bad guys. This confidence usually stems from having the abundance mentality.

Bad boys know that they’re a lot of gorgeous women in the world. So, even if he loses one, there other prettier ones out there.

Hence, you see bad boys making bold moves with girls and passing boundaries. Not being scared to piss girls off. And this kind of attitude turns girls on like crazy.

But nice guys act in an exact opposite way. They act so insecure and needy around women. Suffocating them with attention. Always monitoring their girlfriends’ movement. They’re so scared of losing a particular girl because they genuinely believe they can’t find another girl like her again.

You can say nice guys have the scarcity mindset with women. Anyway, you won’t blame them. Most nice guys have had very little success with women.

The thing is, all these attitudes (being needy, clingy & insecure) are all unattractive to women. Hence they usually opt for bad guys who act more confident and secure around them.



    5. Nice Guys Act Desperate: Bad Guys Don’t

Women do not react positively to men who are desperate to commit to them. Girls prefer men they chase for commitment.

Let me repeat this again in italics and bold for it’s very important.

Women do not react positively to men who are desperate to commit to them. Girls prefer men they chase for commitment.

But what do most nice guys do? Immediately they meet a girl, they’re already asking her to be their girlfriend. Heck! Some even go ahead to propose marriage to the girls.

This makes them appear desperate to these women most times. And when you appear desperate to women, they start forming more for you.

But most bad boys don’t do this. They genuinely see commitment as ‘tying down’ because they have so many options of women.

So bad boys usually avoid commitment with women. They usually prefer casual relationships. You know, just have some fun; nothing too serious.

And the funny thing is, when you don’t appear to be interested to date a girl; that is when she gets more interested to date you and become your girlfriend.

This is the reason you see girls snubbing guys who are offering them undying commitment on a platter of gold while running after guys who are not ready to settle down or commit to a girl.


     6. Most Bad Guys Are Non-Judgmental: Most Nice Guys Judge A lot.

The naughtier you get in life, the less you judge people. Hence, bad guys don’t usually slut-shame girls.

But most nice guys still see girls as these pure modest creatures. So they have an already set perception of how ladies should act morally and when any lady doesn’t fit into that perception, they judge and slut-shame her.

This is the reason most girls pretend a lot around nice guys—while they show their true colors to bad boys because they know bad guys won’t judge them.

And as humans, we always love hanging out with people who we know won’t judge us while avoiding people we have to pretend with because of fear of being judged.

So this makes girls roll more with bad boys and less with nice guys.


So Should You Turn into a Bad Guy?

Well, if you want to attract more girls, you’ve to develop some bad guy attributes. You know, girls won’t change for you and start getting attracted to nice guys just because you’re a nice guy.

If you want something in life, you’ve to make the necessary sacrifice to get it.

Or you can always continue being a nice guy and keep complaining how women treat you poorly and fuck you over every damn time.

Life is all about choices, you know.


How to become a Bad Guy

If you have been following and applying the strategies found all over this blog, then you’re clearly not a nice guy.

You just need to become more exciting, challenging, confident, secure and non-judgmental .

But whatever you do, never be a nice guy to women,


See you next time,


About the Author: Gerald Dike

Gerald Dike is the founder of Relationship Strategies For Men. He has helped thousands of men have better interactions and healthy relationships with women of their dreams. He is also an entrepreneur in one of the biggest countries in Africa.

You can grab his new Book here==> The Attractive Man: How to Become the Man Who Women Desire And Chase

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