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The Right Way to Compliment a Lady on the First date

The first date is all about making a good first impression and leaving an awesome feeling with women, and knowing how to compliment a lady would give you a great head start.

The fact is, ladies may not recall what you said or did for them but they’ll surely remember how you made them feel.

Now, we all know everyone loves a compliment.

However, ladies love compliments the most. So if you know the right way to compliment a lady on the first date, you have already gotten 40% of what it takes to sweep ANY lady off her feet.

You feel me? Cool!

Let’s get on with it then!

How to Compliment a Lady on the First Date

1) Saying the right compliment at the right time

a) Right timing 

Knowing when to compliment a lady on the first date is really important. It’s usually best to start a date with a compliment.

Why? Well, I’m sure she spent a whole lot of time and energy in making up and finally deciding on what to wear to look good for YOU.

So she’ll really appreciate it, when you tell her something like; “You really look amazing today/tonight”.

She would probably say to herself.

“Ohhh! really?! …then the time and energy used in making up was not a waste after all”

Personally, I advise you to add a question to the compliment.

For instance you could say;

“You look gorgeous, you sure know how to combine ’em colours… have you ever considered having a career in Styling? I’m sure you would kill it!”

You did not only compliment her, but also, you created an opportunity for an instant gist or conversation.

Right Compliment

There are certain compliments you shouldn’t make on the first date. You can’t tell her you have “nice boobs”, “nice ass” or those kinda ‘direct’ flirtatious compliments on the first date.

Reason? For starters, she hardly knows you and would definitely be upset about those kind of compliments, because it’s creepy, weird and disrespectful.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not telling you not to flirt on the first date. On the contrary, you should flirt really well (if you want to avoid the friend zone).

However, it should be a bit indirect and pleasant.

How do I mean?

I’ll show you.

You could say something like this;

“This dress of yours fits so perfectly on you, it got an innocent guy having all these unholy thoughts”

Now, that’s less direct and sexier!

So stay away from direct flirtatious compliments on the first date.


2) Make The Compliment Real

A lot of times, I see guys making this mistake, making compliments so fake and artificial.

For example

“Whenever you smile, the whole world stops”.

Hahaha hahaha!!!

Like seriously? Guy! She knows that’s not true.

She might have appreciated that line if she was still in secondary school, but she’s all grown and mature now. So be real with your compliments.

For instance, maybe you said something funny and she laughed… you could say;

“Jeez, the way you laugh though… it’s unique! I love it…and with a laugh like that, I’m definitely taking comedy lessons, coz I really wanna hear it often!”

She’s probably going to chuckle and blush. You made her feel special! And it mustn’t be this long, it could just be four words.

Just make it real and believable.


3) The Compliment should be Unique.

Do you know how many times a day, an average lady is told “she’s beautiful”?

A LOT of times, my bro.

So make your compliments unique, tell her something she has never heard before. I’ll advise you to focus your compliments on her personality and character.

You could say:

“I love your views on life” or “You have an intelligent mind”.

Maybe she shared a story with you when she helped someone or people.

You could say to her,

“Wow! You really did that? You’ve a kind heart. Tasha, you’re a good person, I hope you know that?”

However, if you really want to compliment her on her physical features, I advise you to go a little subtle.

Don’t say the obvious things like “you’ve a nice skin”, “you’re so pretty”, “your hair is so long and lovely”, “you’ve a shape of a model” and so on.

Truth is, lots of people have already told her that, so hearing it from you won’t make her feel any special. You can tell her she has lovely fingernails (that’s if she truly has , remember point number 2, keep it real).

So she’s probably going to say to herself,

“Hmmm, this guy is really paying attention to me, he’s paying attention to details”

And trust me, whenever she’s just looking at her fingernails or painting them, she’ll recall that someone (and not some people) told her they’re nice and she will now think about that someone with a pretty big smile on her face.

And guess what bro? That someone would be you!

So make the compliments unique.


Bonus Tips on How to Compliment a Lady

1.  After making a compliment, don’t wait for her to acknowledge or reciprocate it, just continue with the conversation like nothing happened.

2. Don’t make more than one compliments at the same time, take it one after the other.

Don’t be like, “Your hairstyle is lovely, your watch is nice too and your eyes” This makes you a bit timid and desperate. And ladies don’t react too well with those.

3.  When making a compliment, you should make eye contact with her and also do it with a smiling face. This will make the compliment more authentic.


That will be all for now.

Gerald Dike.

About the Author: Gerald Dike

Gerald Dike is the founder of Relationship Strategies For Men. He has helped thousands of men have better interactions and healthy relationships with women of their dreams. He is also an entrepreneur in one of the biggest countries in Africa.

You can grab his new Book here==> The Attractive Man: How to Become the Man Who Women Desire And Chase

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