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How to Attract and Date Older Women: Act Like a Mature Man

Sometime last year, a guy asked in our private Facebook group, how he could attract and date older women. So I decided to make a proper post on that.

My immediate past two girlfriends were older than me. One was a year and 4 months older, while the other was about 8 months older. And I’ve had lovers who were older.

Now don’t get it twisted. I don’t do sugar mummies. I don’t mingle with women who are old enough to be my mother.

Thing is, one of the major criteria I consider before mingling with ANY woman is her physical appearance.

So if a woman is not physically appealing enough to my taste, I don’t want her. If I know I can’t confidently tell people that this woman is the person I’m dating or sleeping with, I don’t want her.

And most sugar mummies fall into the above categories. That is, I can’t confidently showcase them.

Now, I’m not judging those who are into it; if it works for you…. Cool. For Gerald, it’s not his thing.

Hence, I only date older women who are HOT!

So in this post, I will quickly tell you how to attract and date hot women who are older than you. Maybe you’re 23 and you’re wondering how to get girls who are like 25, 28 or 30 yrs. to date you without having to lie about your age.


Older Women Desire Mature Men

Naturally, women are more attracted to men who are older than them, or men of the same age bracket who have social proof. By Social proof I mean like being popular, having social connections, or being very attractive.

Truth is, most women are not attracted to guys younger than them. They prefer older mature men. Hence, a girl(that you like) being older than you is a bit of a disadvantage to you.

Having dated older women, I can tell you that maturity has very little to do with age, but it has a lot to do with one’s coordination and attitude.

So if you want to date older women, you’ve to act like an older man. In other words, you’ve to act mature. It’s simple like that.

And how can you do this? If you read on, you’ll find out.


How to Get and Date Older Women, Act Mature


1. Never be the first to say your age.

It is never advisable to tell a girl your age before knowing hers. Like I mentioned earlier, ladies don’t usually fancy dating guys younger than them. If a girl is still getting to know you, and she finds out she’s older than you is enough for her to lose romantic interest in you. So the best thing is to keep your age to yourself, until you’re sure of hers.

And if eventually, you find out she’s older than you, still keep your age to yourself. If she persists to know your age, keep on posting her as you change the topic. Only tell her your age when you’re sure you’ve made her to fall in love with you. Once a girl is already in love you, she won’t care much about your age.


2. Dress mature.

Your dressing speaks volumes about you. So if you wish to attract older women, you’ve to dress mature. Older men have class and not swag. Hence, minimize the sagging, super-tight jeans/trousers, jump-ups and co. Your dress style should communicate to women that you’re a CLASSY MAN, not a SWAG BOY.


3. Act Relaxed.

The more experience you’ve in life, the less excited and energy you seem to show. That is the reason older men act all cool, while most boys are always excited and full of energy, vibrating from one place to another. So if you wish to give women the feeling you’re a mature man, you should dial down how much energy you show in your movements. Start acting more relaxed and make your body movements slower.


4. Never Place Them On Pedestal.

Since your mind is telling you she’s older than you, it might try to trick you into placing her on pedestals. That is, respecting her way too much. Don’t ever do that bro.

Fact is, the easiest way to get a girl who’s older than you is to treat her as if she is way younger than you.


5. Text Reasonably.

We’re in the era of lots of texting, so how you text women tell them a little about you. Now, in order to come across women as a mature man, you should text with full words, no abbreviation. Stop all the “u, yhu, k, owk, plz, jk, y, 5n,…” Even if she’s using the abbreviations, don’t use it with her.

But brotherly, if you want to be taken seriously in this 21st century, you should really do away with all those unnecessary abbreviations when chatting with people. Also, don’t text her too much or reply every text of hers within seconds, it just shows you’re a jobless boy who is always online waiting for her texts. Trust me bro, you don’t want to give any woman the impression you’re a jobless boy.

Remember, texting is best for arranging offline dates and setting up logistics and not for connecting emotionally or getting to know a woman better.


6. Be Exposed and Versatile.

Older men are expected to be wise; you know, they are supposed to know things. Hence, being exposed and knowing a little about everything will increase the attraction older women have for you. They would be like, “He’s so young, yet he knows a lot.” And that’s a great turn-on for women in general. Therefore, read wide, travel, meet and connect with people of different cultures, religions and beliefs, and take your personal development seriously.


7. Be sexually experienced.

Practice makes perfect. This also applies to sex. The more sexual encounters you experience, the more skilled you get at it. Hence, older men are usually more sexual experienced than younger men. And this is one of the reasons women go after older men. So when an older woman finds out you’re really sexually experienced, she would be the one doing the convincing, telling you that age is just a number.



Age matters to women when it comes to relationships and romance. But the only reason I think it matters much to women is that they usually associate a man’s maturity with his age. Hence, if you’re able to communicate to older women you’re a very mature man, they won’t bother about your age. And in the post I’ve listed ways on how you can come across as a mature classy man to women, no matter your age.



Gerald Dike.


About the Author: Gerald Dike

Gerald Dike is the founder of Relationship Strategies For Men. He has helped thousands of men have better interactions and healthy relationships with women of their dreams. He is also an entrepreneur in one of the biggest countries in Africa.

You can grab his new Book here==> The Attractive Man: How to Become the Man Who Women Desire And Chase

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