how to make new girls take you seriously

How to Make New Girls Take You Seriously: And make them Want You

Making Girls Take you Seriously

One of our bros sent me an inbox last month asking me to talk about how you could get girls take you seriously. So I decided to put something down about it.

When you start meeting new girls out there, there’ll be a time you’ll experience this. Some girls will think you’re a player or someone who they can’t just have a meaningful thing with.

It usually occurs with girls you randomly directly approached. There’ll always be this part of her brain that’ll be telling her you’re also randomly approaching girls everyday just the way you did with her. She might have that feeling she’s just another girl to you.

This post will teach you how to remove those thoughts from her head.

Are you with me? Good.




Let’s say you know this girl; let’s call her Amara.

So Amara offered to come cook for you. But you know she has cooked for your friends several times before. You’re happy though she’s coming to cook for you, but you’re not feeling special about it.

Now, let’s say you know another girl, Nneka. Several times, your friends have asked her to come cook for them, but she refused. But now, Nneka offered to come cook for you. How will you feel? Definitely happier, but most importantly, you’ll feel special.

Between Amara and Nneka (other things being equal), who would you likely want to get serious with? My guess will be Nneka.


Most ladies know this, that’s the reason most of them tell you statements like this when they’re doing something for or with you;

“There’s just something about you, I don’t normally do this with a guy I just met,”

“This is the first time I’m ever doing something like this.”

They’re just trying to make you feel special, hence you’ll be motivated to be serious with them.

So, how can you make a girl feel special? If you read along, you’ll definitely find out.


how to make new girls take you seriously


a)  Creating an Emotional Connection With Her.  I’ve always emphasized about creating an emotional connection with women. This is because it’s very vital if you really want to be successful with women in general. Be it your mum, wife, girlfriend, friends-with-benefits, side chick and so on.

It’s easier to have sex with a girl once you’ve created an emotional connection with her, because she’ll feel like you understand her. She feels you’re not just having sex with her because of sex sake, but because you know the person she is, and you like that person. If you’re only satisfying a woman’s sexual need, and you don’t satisfy her emotional needs, she’ll feel used instead of loved.

To make girls take you seriously, you must connect emotionally with her. In order to create an emotional connection with a girl, you’ve to get her to tell you deep things about herself; things only few people in her life know about.


Let me use the below conversations example to explain further.
Conversation I

Henry: …so what’s your discipline?

Her: Mass communication.

Henry: That’s cool.

Her: Thanks

Henry: Whenever you’re bored, what do you do?

Her: I watch TV sometimes, other times I surf the internet

Henry: Nice… Me too


I don’t know about you but I think Henry will run out of questions to ask soon, and the date will become awkward.

Now let’s see another conversation example. I’ll use my name this time <winks>


Conversation II

Gerald: …so what’s your discipline?

Her: Mass communication.

Gerald: Hmm… that’s impressive… was that what you’ve always wanted to do, or JAMB happened?

Her: Lol. JAMB happened o. I actually wanted to be a lawyer.

Gerald: [chuckles] JAMB happened to almost everyone. It happened to me too. I wanted to be a doctor, now I’m just a doctor to Microorganisms only.

Her: Hahahaha…

Gerald: So do you still want to be a Lawyer?

Her: Not sure… wanted to switch when I was in year 1, but it was really competitive; almost everyone wanted to switch. So I let it slide.

Gerald: You do know Mass communication is a really nice discipline, and I’ll get to see your pretty face in the news at night, I’m really getting tired of all these non-sexy newscasters.

Her: Lol. I don’t actually think I’ll want to be a newscaster… I would really love to be a journalist. I’m a curious person, so I like finding things out, investigating stuff…

Gerald: You’re curious? … I like that. So tell me, what have you found out about me so far?…


Could you see how the above conversation was flowing so freely? And under 2 mins of the discussion Gerald was able to get her to tell him about deep things about herself, things some people she has known for a year might not even know.

Now Gerald, knows she’s studying mass communication, however she always wanted to be a lawyer but she couldn’t make it in JAMB. Although she tried switching in her year 1, she couldn’t, because she was scared of failing again. So she decided to accept Mass Comm. hoping to be a journalist who investigates, unravels Schemes, plots and scandals of people. Imagine what Gerald will find out in the next 10 mins of the date.

Now between Henry and Gerald, who do you think the girl will be more emotionally connected to? Gerald of course, and she’ll definitely take Gerald more seriously than Henry, because Gerald understands her. He gets her.

Basically, the more someone tells you about herself the more connected she feels to you.

That’s why you feel so connected to your family doctor. He knows so much about you. That’s why you feel special when you go to meet him, than when you just meet a random doctor.


b) Give her a Nickname.

Another way to make a girl feel special is to give her a Nickname, preferably immediately you notice you’re creating an emotional connection with her. I normally stay away from pet names like ‘bae’ ‘boo’ ‘sweetheart’ ‘honey’… Those ones are so common, so it won’t make her feel any special.

I normally use a girl’s name to coin out pet names for her.

For example:

Amaka – Amisco

Amanda – Mandy

Amara — Ama-berry

Sandra — Sandy

Funke – Funky

And so on.

It might sound silly to you, but it turns girls on greatly, and makes them feel like they’re special to you because you can call any girl “boo” or “bae” but you can’t go around calling any girl Ama-berry.

Do these two things right, and you can make ANY woman feel special to you. ANY woman. Now let’s go to the second strategy which can make girls take you seriously.



If you’ve been following my posts, you’ll know I’ve always emphasized on getting a girl to start investing in you immediately.

The thing is, the more invested a woman is in you, the more she likes you; the more she likes you, the more valuable you become in her eyes, and the more she chases you. Likewise; the more invested you are in a woman, the more you like her; the more you like her, the more valuable she becomes in your eyes, and the more you chase her.

So if you want a woman to like you and take you seriously, you’ve to get her to invest in you more.

how to make new girls take you seriously

How you can get a girl to invest in you

  • Get her to talk more on the first date, while you listen and ask more questions.
  • Get her to move. For example you met her at the club, and you tell her to follow you outside.
  • Get her to do you favors like showing you her watch, phone, feeding you ice cream, cook for you, and so on
  • Get her to call and text you more.

Also, avoid granting silly requests some new girls make.

For instance: I met this girl in a lounge some time ago, she was sitting all alone pressing her phone. I walked up to her, and delivered my opening line.

Me: Hey dear, sorry I kept you waiting. [Sits near her]

Her: [surprised] Hmmm… Excuse me? Do I know you?

Me: Not yet… I’m Gerald and you? [Extends my hand]

Her: Linda. [Weakly shakes my hand]

Me: So Linda what brings you here this cool evening?

Her: Waiting for a friend… Emm, I’m a bit thirsty, can you get me a drink?

Me: Sure I will… if you continue being a good girl. So are you new to this town?

You see how I brushed off that her silly request, and continued with the discussion like nothing happened. I mean why would she ask a guy she just met a few seconds ago for a drink? Moreover she hasn’t impressed me yet, she was still forming.

But I know some guys will buy it in order to impress the girl. No bro, wrong move!

Always try to get girls to start investing in you immediately, and when they invest in you, reward them. For example when a girl starts talking more in the date, reward her by smiling more warmly and start touching her more.

To the last strategy, but definitely not the least.



I see a lot of guys promising girls through words or actions, that they’ll always be there for them, no matter what happens.

This is one of the reasons most guys get stuck in the friend zone. Pay attention carefully to any guy friend zoned, you’ll find out he’s always available to the girl. The girl knows he’s not leaving her anytime soon, and whenever she wants his attention, he runs to give her all of his attention adding some extra too. He’s obviously doing all that so that he’ll win the girl’s heart—Lol. Thank God you know better than that now bro.

People usually procrastinate a lot (me inclusive, but I’m seriously working on it). So scarcity helps to prevent procrastination, makes people take something serious, reach a decision and act fast.


For Instance:

You go to the market and you see a shoe you really like, you test it and it really looks good on you, but you’re not sure you want to buy the shoe now.

“Maybe later,” You tell yourself. But when you’re about to tell the seller you’ll buy it later, he tells you this;

“Bro, this shoe is really a quality shoe and its demand is quite high, and as you can see this is the last pair available in this shop. I doubt anybody else has this particular shoe in this market currently, and the new batch which will come in will definitely be higher in price because of its high demand. So bro, I’ll advise you to buy it now.”

This statement will definitely persuade you to buy the shoe immediately, if you truly like and can afford the shoe.

This is the same with girls, when they know you won’t always be available, they tend to be more serious with you, hence reach decisions quickly and move fast with you.


This is the reason why there a lot of fast hookups in NYSC camps especially towards the end, because the girls know they might not see those guys they like again. I can bet if those same guys met them outside Camp, it will take them longer to shag those ladies.

So, scarcity is very vital in getting girls to be serious with you.



a) Don’t be a friend to new girls. If you want to appear scarce to a lady, you’ve to reduce to the minimum, the way you do friendly things with her before becoming her lover. Leave that friendship-first-before-relationship format for nice guys.


Now, let me ask you… how often do you text or call your girlfriend in a relationship of more than 3 months? Not that much I presume.

Couples Chats are usually like this:

Bae: Hi hun

Boo: Hi dear, how was your night?

Bae: Sweet, I dreamed about you.

Boo: Aww…  I miss you. What time are you even coming today?

Bae: Around 4pm, I have afternoon lectures.

Boo: Okay hun… call me when you’re coming. Later hun.

Bae: Bye love.


So why do guys now think they’ll get a girl to be serious with them by texting and calling them always? Lol.


It’s actually simple;
  • If you want a girl to be your friend, start doing together stuff friends do with each other immediately you meet her, like going out to eat, shopping together, staying together doing non-sexual things, texting all the time gisting, calling everyday asking about their welfare.


  • And If you want a girl to be your girlfriend, start doing together stuff couples do with each other immediately you meet her, like romantic dates filled with kisses and lots of explicit touches, holding hands together talking about the future, smooshing and romance.


  • You want a girl to be your lover, start doing together things lovers do with each other immediately you meet her, which is; sex, talking about strong and thrilling emotions, sexual humor, and more sex.


Hence when you meet a new girl avoid texting and calling her too much. Resist that temptation. Rather use texting and calling to arrange for an offline date. Then get to know her more offline.

If she asks you why you don’t chat. Tell her you’ve a lot in your hands at the moment, and you can’t really spare time for chatting, but you two could hang out on Wednesday or Friday the only days you’re a bit free this week.

This strategy will also sieve out those girls who just wants to waste your time or friend zone you.


b) Uncertainty of your movements. This is another way to apply scarcity when dealing with new girls. You do this by telling her you’re uncertain about how long you’ll stay in town.


Amaka: So it’s almost the end of the year…what are your plans for the next year?

You: The plan is simple Amisco, get closer to my goals. Although it might take me out of the city to other cities. But nothing good comes easy, right Hun?


And that’s how to create scarcity bro. Although your scarcity will be more efficient when you’re valuable to the girl. Being valuable to women is simply being the man who knows what women want and being able to give it to them. And the more you’re capable of giving women, the more attractive you’re to them. So keep improving yourself bro; become an attractive man. I’ve already listed what makes one an attractive man in my previous post “Stop spending too much on new girls.”

Self-improvement is very important for every man.



If you wish to make new girls take you seriously, you have to make them feel that they’re special to you; get them to invest in you and also let them know you won’t wait around for them for a long time.


Talk to you very soon bro,


About the Author: Gerald Dike

Gerald Dike is the founder of Relationship Strategies For Men. He has helped thousands of men have better interactions and healthy relationships with women of their dreams. He is also an entrepreneur in one of the biggest countries in Africa.

You can grab his new Book here==> The Attractive Man: How to Become the Man Who Women Desire And Chase

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