How to Approach Women

How to Approach Women Anytime and Anywhere (Part I).

How to Approach Women Part I.

One thing I know most men really find great difficulty in, is how to approach women. This is the reason I decided to do a series about it.

Last time, I wrote about “8 signals ladies give out when they want to be approached”

So when you identify these signals women send out when they want to be approached, how do you approach her so that she’ll not blow you off? Or maybe you saw a very pretty and sexy lady walking down the street, how do you approach her efficiently, so that she’ll give you her real phone number?

That’s what I’ll cover in these series. This is the Part I.




“One of the hardest things for a man to do is to approach women… especially the ones he likes.”


I have a very good friend, his name is David.

David and I were classmates in secondary school. As I entered into the university, he opted for the NDA (Nigerian Defence Academy). The guy has always been a brave guy. I admire that a lot about him.

So fast forward to the present; David is now a Lieutenant.

Last year, we finally met again (after several years apart). We went to a nice spot and we saw some pretty ladies; and David was so scared to walk up to them. I made jokes at him. I was like; “Dave! You’re so brave… handling guns, going to missions and shit… but you can’t go and talk to random girls? Hahahaha!”

So why did I tell you this story?

Every man has that approach anxiety. Even the so called ‘ladies man’ and the ‘playboys’. They just have ways of controlling it. You can learn to control yours too.

So you’re not alone bro; as a matter of fact a lot of men are on this particular table.



“The more competent you’re at approaching women, the more confident you’re at doing it.”

When I was learning how to ride a bicycle, I think I was around 7 yrs old then.

I fell with the bicycle a lot of times, got injured; and I wasn’t really confident to ride a bicycle again. However, I continued… then with time, I started getting a hang of it. I began propelling the bike better and I fell less. With that positive result, my confidence in riding bicycle started increasing. Soon, I was riding with one hand and then graduated to the “no hands” gang.

It’s the same way when you start approaching women newly; you’ll get rejected a lot of times, your self-confidence will be hurt due to these rejections; and you won’t be too confident to walk up to another lady.

However, if you continue… at some point, you’ll start getting positive results, which will get you more confident to approach more ladies until you’re so confident that you can walk up to any woman, anytime and anywhere. At that confidence level, you can approach the hottest model as she’s just stepping off from the runway or maybe a movie actress you like and get her real phone number.

One thing EVERY woman on earth finds attractive in a man is CONFIDENCE.



When you want to learn a car, you just don’t enter a car and start the ignition. You can actually learn driving that way. No kidding! However, it will be more difficult and it’ll definitely incur lots of damages to your car, other people’s cars and sometimes take lives too.

It’s always best to find someone who’s already good at driving to teach you. And that’s where I come in. I’ll give you the strategies that will help you achieve that type of confidence in a shorter time. These strategies will serve as a ‘guide’, which will help you to be more successful when approaching women.



There are basically two ways to approach a lady;

The direct approach and Indirect approach.

In Indirect approach, you try to start a conversation with the lady, and then smoothly ask for her number or a date. While in the direct approach, you go straight to the point; with very little or no conversation.

In the part 2, I’ll discuss in details on how to go about the Indirect approach; when to use it; the advantages and disadvantages. I usually recommend this particular strategy to guys who are starting newly in the approach game. It takes lesser guts and also helps to build your confidence in talking with women.


Talk soon,


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