Get Beautiful Women Chasing You

How to Become The Kind of Man Who Beautiful Women Desire and Chase

Dear brother,

Getting beautiful girls to desire and chase you for commitment is not as complicated as most people make it seem.

You don’t need to have a lot of money or drive the latest cars or stay in an extremely dope apartment before gorgeous ladies start chasing you.

However, you need to understand women’s PSYCHE and how ATTRACTION works in human beings. You also need to know the right buttons to push and how and when to push those “emotional” buttons of women.

Once you know how to do these things; incredibly pretty sexy ladies…those sort of girls you’ve always dreamed of having—will be begging you to date them.

And I’ll show you how you can do this effortlessly. 

But before I continue… let me introduce myself.

Who The Heck Am I?

Gerald Dike---Founder of Relationship Strategies For Men

My name is Gerald Dike. I’m a Men’s Relationship Coach. For the past four years I’ve helped thousands of men experience better success with women of their standard. 

  • I’ve helped tons of men move from the dreaded friend-zone into a healthy romantic relationship with the girl of their dreams. 

  • I’ve helped a lot of men regain control and respect in their relationships. 

  • Given men strategies that got their ex running back to their arms and so much more.

Here is what few of the men I've helped, have to say about me
(Some of their names have been blurred for privacy)

It Hasn't Always Being Like This For Me

I didn’t become good with women from birth.
Far from that.

I actually sucked with women. Like literally. I usually got friend zoned, cheated on and disrespected by ladies I admired.

I was aware it wasn’t because of money and good looks my love life sucked. Because I knew guys who I had more money than and better looks, getting and mingling with gorgeous ladies. While I was there all lonely and settling for girls who I knew were way below my standard.

So one day, I got completely fed up. I dropped my ego and admitted to myself that I really needed help to improve my love life.

I sought after help…and found it.  

Fast forward to this day, I’ve completely transformed my love life…that super hot classy ladies are chasing me—investing in me, doing unsolicited favors for me and so on…just so I could be in their life. 

I might have 99 problems right now, but getting incredibly gorgeous women and making them stay in my life as long as I want them to, is not one of those problems.

And these beautiful ladies are not all up in my matter because I’m the richest young guy out there…


I’m just a guy who is chasing his life goals just like most young men out there. And as a matter of fact, these pretty girls spend and invest more in the relationship.

They simply do all this for me because I know how to provide those FEELINGS and EMOTIONS every woman desperately crave to feel from a man.

And YOU can also learn how to provide these feelings to women—these feelings which make them go GAGA for a man.

Women Are Meant To Chase You For Commitment And Not The Other Way Round...

Brother, I know from your teenage age, you’ve probably been programmed by the society that you need to chase and beg ladies to date you.

That is not entirely true.

As a man you should make the FIRST move by approaching a girl and showing her you’re interested or attracted to her.


However, it is the girl who should be the one to ask you (most times implicitly), to commit to her.

Women know this instinctively, that is the reason you usually hear them say to themselves, “Wow, you’re so lucky girl, your man is such a CATCH”

Now think about it, you only “catch” what you “chase”

It is Not Every Kind of Man Who Beautiful Girls Chase

The fact is, there are a lot of average men out there. Men who think you get a girl by chasing her hard and fiercely.

So you see them:

  • Sending loads of texts  to girls.

  • Calling a new girl every day.

  • Doing favors for a girl they like.

  • Buying gifts and sending money to a girl so that she will accept to date them.

  • And so on…

Poor fellas! This is why you see most of these regular guys get frustrated because after doing all the above stuff, most times, the girl would still not agree to date them.

If only they knew…you don’t really need to do all those things to get a girl to fall deeply in love with  you.

All you have to do is to make her FEEL the right EMOTIONS.

Truth is, beautiful girls are very PICKY with the men they chase. They do not pursue the average guys and regular Joes.

They only chase after men who they perceive as worthy— the ATTRACTIVE MEN.

Who is an Attractive Man?

When I was still trying to figure out how to get sexy ladies to date me, I discovered that there were the sort  of men these gorgeous women pursued and literally begged to be in a relationship with them.

I observed that:

  • Some of these men where rich, some weren’t… some were even dead broke.

  • Most of them weren’t that good looking… they just had average looks.

However, I noticed two common traits which all the men possessed—those men who gorgeous ladies were chasing and begging for their attention.
These men were:

  • Respected by other Valuable Men.

  • Admired greatly by other Attractive Women.

Immediately I discovered this, I knew exactly the kind of man I needed to turn myself into, in order to attract the sort of women I desired… “The Attractive Man.”

Therefore, if you want to get sexy gorgeous, model like ladies to chase you, you’ve to turn yourself into a man who is highly respected by his fellow men and admired by other pretty ladies.

This is Where My Book Comes In

In this 235-page Book titled, “The Attractive Man: How to Become The Man Who Women Desire and Chase,” you’ll learn how to turn yourself into :

  1. The man who is highly respected by other valuable men—including men higher than you in social hierarchy.

  2. The man who is admired by high status and beautiful women.

Here is a fraction of what you'll learn in the Book:

  • How to develop a POWERFUL physical PRESENCE which communicates power, dominance and confidence.(Pg. 86 ) This kind of presence gains you RESPECT from other men and ADMIRATION from gorgeous women.

  •  Simple practical steps to create a DEEP emotional connection with women (Pg. 213 ). The thing is, when you give a lady the feeling that you RELATE and UNDERSTAND who she really is, probably more than any man in her life, her attraction for you skyrockets enough for her to start chasing you. This is the main BAIT you use to get women chasing you.

  • How to get beautiful women attracted to you by saying LESS and the sublime art to get women talking MORE. (Pg. 203) 

  • SIX things to do when approaching beautiful women to get them respond better to you. (Pg. 172 ) Most regular guys do the exact opposite and that’s why most ladies reject them.

  • How to SCREEN girls and get them to reveal their TRUE SELF (Pg. 188) Most men keep entering relationships with ladies who are “wrong” for them because they don’t screen girls or know how to.

  • What the “Absolute Abundance Mentality” is, and how you can develop it (Pg. 31) A man who has this mentality will NEVER act “clingy or needy” around any woman—no matter how special or flawless she appears to be.

  • How to overcome your FEAR OF REJECTION/ EMBARRASSMENT and start meeting new pretty woman anytime and anywhere. (Pg. 124 )

  • Step-by-step guide with practical illustrations on how you can start and hold “mind-blowing” conversations with women which would leave them desiring your attention more. (Pg. 221)

  • A simple secret that’ll make you become more CONFIDENT when approaching and interacting with women. ( Pg. 174)

  • The right way to make eye contact with women like a HIGH STATUS man (Pg. 99 ) I actually learnt this from the iconic James Bond character and it works so effortlessly on women.

  • How to develop the kind of SEXY voice which turns women “on” with reckless abandon. (Pg. 107) 

  • The SMOOTHEST way to ask a girl for her number and a romantic date and get her to say YES. Since I learned this technique from an American pick-up artist, no lady I approached has given a wrong number. Not even once. (Pg. 159) 

  • And so MUCH more…

The Thing is...

Strategies, techniques and secrets you’ll find in this Book is the same I usually reveal to men I coach one-on-one. And they don’t pay me less than N50, 000.

But I know it’s not every man who could afford my one-on-one coaching session. Even if every man could, I cannot possibly coach every man. Time is limited in life and I’ve other things which need my attention and time.

So, I decided to package these same strategies and secrets in a book and in the most simplest and practical ways that every man who reads them will understand easily.

Moreover, the motivation is not just about money. My main motivation is helping as many men as I can to achieve the kind of love life they desire—no matter how much they make or how they look.

I sincerely believe every man deserves happiness and the sense of fulfillment in all vital aspects of his life.

This is the reason I won’t ask you to pay N 50, 000 for the same invaluable information you would have access to.

I won’t even ask you to pay half of that (N 25, 000)… or even Half of Half of that (N 12, 500). 


I’m offering you a chance to get this for just N 5, 000 (which is just about $13.8) for a LIMITED time.

I know…

…it’s not even up to half of the price of the cheapest wine in an average club or the money, men spend on random women just to get them to like them. 

But like I mentioned earlier, I just want as many men as possible to become an attractive man. I’m really tired of seeing men acting like wussies and doing SILLY things just to get a beautiful girl to be theirs and usually ending up manipulated, friend zoned, frustrated and bitter.

You are Also Protected by a 100% Money Back Guarantee.

I’m very confident that when you apply the strategies in this Book, you will experience BETTER success with beautiful women. I’m so confident about this that I’m willing to offer a 30-day, 100% money back guarantee.

That is, once you get the Book, and go through it thoroughly and you feel it’s not for you or it’s not worth the money you paid for it…just send a message (attached with your receipt/evidence of payment) within 30-days of purchase to or on WhatsApp message +234 808 908 0007. And your money will be refunded to you in full.

Here is How You Can Get The Hard Copy of The Book...

Option A (Make Payment Through Paystack-The Easiest and Fastest Option):

When you click on the green button below, you’ll be taken to a secure, encrypted order page, where you’ll input your information and once the payment is successful, we’ll call you to confirm your order and your copy will be delivered to you within 5 working days.


Option B (Direct Bank Deposit):

You can also get the Book by paying N 5, 000 to the below account details:


Gerald Ifeanyi Dike

First Bank.

After payment, send an email to with your payment details like your name, screenshot (if it’s mobile transfer), branch of payment (if you made a physical deposit). 

This is to enable us to track your payment.
And once your payment and order is confirmed, your Book will be delivered to you within 5 working days.

How to Get the SOFT COPY (PDF) of The Book

If you are not in Nigeria, you can still get the digital version of the book through the following ways:


When you click on the green button below, you’ll be taken to a secure, encrypted order page, where you’ll input your information and once the payment is successful, you will be automatically redirected to a page where you can download the eBook INSTANTLY


2) Through Amazon Kindle):

If you’ve the Amazon kindle App, you can order the eBook by clicking ==>


I know that if you apply the strategies found in this book, you’ll become a FORCE who attracts the sort of beautiful women you truly desire effortlessly.

So you owe it to yourself to grab a copy now and turn yourself into an attractive man who beautiful women desire and chase.

Gerald Dike.

About the Author: Gerald Dike

Gerald Dike is the founder of Relationship Strategies For Men. He has helped thousands of men have better interactions and healthy relationships with women of their dreams. He is also an entrepreneur in one of the biggest countries in Africa.

You can grab his new Book here==> The Attractive Man: How to Become the Man Who Women Desire And Chase

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