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Why You Shouldn’t Give Your Attention to Every Lady Who Wants It

Not Every Lady Is Worthy Of Your Attention

Before I explain what I really meant by the statement; not every lady is worthy of your attention, I’ve to explain something to you first.

What a man seeks for in attention differs from what a woman seeks.”

A man’s attention is purpose driven, he wants his attention to get him results while a woman’s attention is usually emotionally driven. Most times, she just wants attention for attention’s sake.

I’ll use an example to explain further:

If I’m giving a girl attention, talking to her; that means I want something from her.
Maybe I want to hook up with her; I would like her as a girlfriend; or I want her to link me up with her friend; I want her to be my friend, and so on…
I’m not just talking with her for talking sake.

However, a lady can just be talking with a guy just for talking sake.
She doesn’t actually want something “meaningful” from him.
It’s just that she enjoys talking; she just wants to talk.


Emotions Girls Derive From Attention

Now, I’ll show you some of the emotions girls derive from different forms of attention below:

  • A lady wants to be complimented because it makes her feel beautiful.
  • She wants guys to get jealous over her because it makes her feel wanted.
  • A woman wants men to chase her because it makes her feel desired.
  • A lady wants to be out of some men’s leagues because it makes her feel powerful.
  • She wants other ladies to get envious over her looks because it feels good to be envied.

All these are various forms of attention a lady wants and how it makes her feel. And these emotions are what she really wants from seeking out attention.

So why did I take time to explain all these to you?
Well, I just wanted you to know:


If a lady is seeking your attention, it doesn’t always mean she likes or values you.
Sometimes, it’s just the emotions she’ll get that she’s after


So a lady might already be in a serious relationship and might still be seeking attention from you just for the emotions she’ll derive from getting it.

A girl might be chatting real good with you, liking and commenting on your posts on social media, spending time with you and stuff but this doesn’t automatically means she values you or would want to date you.


She might just be doing it for the attention sake.

Now the thing is, when ladies seek for this attention and they get it so easily from you.
They automatically take it for granted.

Do you blame them?

Iron and Gold are both metals. But Gold is worth more because it’s scarcer than Iron.
Iron can easily be found. So, ladies usually take a man’s attention for granted if it’s cheap and readily available.

So how would you know the ladies to ignore and ladies to give your attention to?

The answer is quite simple actually.

You give attention to ladies who provide a reasonable VALUE to you, it could be;

  • Your mother, sister or female cousins.
  • A lady who is a good girlfriend, fiancee or wife.
  • Girl who is a good colleague, great friend, course mate or classmate who helps and provides non-sexual value in your life (maybe teaches you some courses you don’t understand, always has your back, cooks for you, always willing to do favors for you)
  • A lady who is friend with benefits, who always comes through for you when that urge is strong (that kind thing nah).
  • And so on.

But make sure you also provide value to these women who are beneficial in your life. 

On the other hand, ignore any lady who does not provide a reasonable value to you.

Now, I want you to evaluate all the ladies you’re investing your time and ask yourself:

“What value are they actually providing in my life?”

Ensure you keep your emotions aside while making this analysis.

Cut off those who are not providing reasonable value to you and channel that time and attention to ladies who provide “real value” to you, and to your business/job/talent that’ll make you money.

Not every lady is worthy of your attention bro.


Your friend,



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