Some time to sort things out

When a Lady tells you to Give her Some Time to Sort Things Out: Do this.

Please… Give me Some time to Sort Things Out

Out of every 10 guy out there, 8 of them have once been told by a woman they like to give her some time to sort things out.

Back then, whenever a girl asked me to give her some time to sort things out, I usually gave her the time while acting like a perfect prospective boyfriend. I called and texted the girl every day to ask about her welfare.

I usually offer my unsolicited aid to her whenever I notice she would need one. The thing is, I wanted her to see how an amazing boyfriend I would turn out to be.


But, most times that ‘some time’ turned out to be ‘forever.’ Later on, I usually found out the girl was busy dating other guys while she kept me on probation. Just like what I told you in the post: “Don’t enter a lady’s purgatory.”

When a Girl Likes You, She Won’t need Some time to Sort things Out

Brother, you’ve to understand this important fact about women: If a lady is into you, she won’t ask you to give her some time to sort things out

If a woman is into you… I mean, if a lady is really attracted to you…

She’ll never tell you she’s not ready for a relationship. Girls don’t actually prepare for relationships. They fall into relationships.


If a lady is really sure you’re the man she wants, she can even throw away her serious relationship for you.

When a girl is sure about you… She can’t tell you to give her some time to sort things out.

She’s only saying that to you because she’s not really sure you’re valuable enough for her.


Girls are Attracted to High Value Men

The thing is women are naturally attracted to high status men. Women usually date sideways and upwards while men usually date sideways and downwards. This means that women usually prefer to date men who are in the same social class with them or higher than them.

While men prefer to date women in the same social class or the ones lower than them.


Giving Her Some time to Sort Things out is actually Hurting Your Chances

You giving her that time to ‘sort things out’ while you keep in contact with her while acting like a good prospective boyfriend would only HURT the more your chances of getting her.

Firstly, you agreeing to give her that time shows you’re not a high value man. Why? Valuable men don’t wait for girls. They have so many options of women that they cannot wait for one girl who is not sure about them.

Secondly, the more you wait, the more familiar she gets with you. And the longer you get familiar with a lady without getting romantically involved with her, the less attraction she feels for you.


What To Do When She tells you to Give Her Some time To Sort Things Out

Whenever a lady asks me to give her some time to sort things out.

I usually ask Her:


Me: Hun, do you really like me?

Her: Yeah, I do.

Me: You know… when someone really likes something, they go for it immediately. You’ve no doubts about it. This is the reason I went for you immediately I saw you.

But if you say you need some time; that, I’ll give you. You know, you can’t actually force someone in your life. However, I can’t promise I’ll still be here after you sort things out.


And after having that conversation, I cut off contact with her at once. 60% of the time, the ladies re-establish contact, and the rest is history. The 40% of the other time? I simply replace them. I could easily do that because I’m not yet invested in those girls.


If I had waited for those 40%, they would still have disappointed me. This is how I sieve out time-wasters.


So, whenever a lady asks you to give her some time, you could do the above or you wait for her to sort things out. And if you decide to wait for her… happy waiting amigo.


See ya…


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