Strength of a woman

Strength of a Woman: where it really comes from


I’ve often heard about the strength of a woman when I was little, Shaggi dedicated a song about it. But I didn’t know how women came to possess such power. A lot of men say it’s because of the bottom-belle power; but I don’t completely agree with them, because a man’s sister, daughter, and mother also possess this power on him.

As my curiosity won’t let me be, I’ve researched about this strength, and here is what I’ve found out:


Strength of a woman

Women are the greatest motivation of men. Take women out of this world, and men will find absolutely no motivation to succeed in life. A man’s greatest motivating force is his desire to please women. Every guy out there grinding his ass off daily is motivated by the desire to please the women in his life— it might be his mother, wife, sister, daughter, girlfriend, side chick, or just random girls.

Back then in the university, a lot of guys who entered the Yahoo world, did so because of women. It was either that the guys have been intimated by the big boys, and have snatched their girlfriend or is rolling with their dream girls, and they’re motivated to blow fast and avenge on another broke guy; or that the guys wanted to be able to appear as big boys so that they could attract those gorgeous slay queen to themselves. They usually called those slay queens ‘masters chop,’ so they also wanted to eat masters chop.

It was only very few guys who entered Yahoo just because his family was so poor and couldn’t afford to take care of his school fees or upkeep. 95% of the time the reason behind guys joining Yahoo was because of WOMEN! Simple.


Biologically, the more dominant a male is, the more females are attracted to him. This is why the brightest Agama lizard which signifies the most dominant, has access to more quality female lizards in his territory; it is also the reason the Alpha wolf gets more female wolves as mates than the Beta wolf in the pack. This is due to Natural selection to produce strong offspring.

It is the same with humans. In the Stone Age, the most dominant man is attributed to a more physically strong man who could fight off other males and hunt animals down for food. That’s the kind of man who ladies where attracted to then. However, in this modern age dominant men are often men with high social status; men who are leaders and an authority figure in their different occupations.

Therefore, the main reason you see men grinding so hard, trying to climb the social hierarchy of the society is to please women in their lives or to get access to more quality (gorgeous) women.

Now pay attention here;

Since a man’s greatest motivation is to please women. This means that even the most powerful men in the society, there are women who they want to please. Hence, this gives these women the power to INFLUENCE him.

Herein, lies the TRUE strength of women. Forget about Chimamanda’s Chivalry talk. The truth is biologically, men are physically stronger than women. So, the strength of a woman does not lie in physical strength, rather it lies in the fact that women can influence the decisions and actions of the most powerful men in the world.

Doubt me? Okay. Let’s take some history references. I’ll ask a question, and you answer it.

  • Who influenced Herod Antipas to behead John the Baptist?
  • The first miracle performed by Jesus: Who influenced him to do so against his wish?
  • King Solomon, the wisest man ever to live: who influenced him to forsake his God, and start worshiping idols?
  • Our dear country, “Nigeria,” Who named it?
  • Who helped capture Samson, one of the strongest men mentioned in the bible?

Do you now understand what I mean? Beautiful!



I still remember the song by Beyonce titled, “Who run the world? Girls.” That statement is quite true. Girls do run the world, but they do from the back stage.

Some people will probably argue that majority of the richest people in the world are men. True, men control the world resources, however, women directly or indirectly control the men.

We (men) have ego, so the above paragraph will not settle well with most men. I understand.

Listen to me man, being influenced by a woman does not make you a weak man, however being influenced by anything with a soft hair, soft skin, and a soft ass makes you a weak man.

Having spent three years in a military-owned secondary school taught me that it’s better for you to offend a military man directly, than to offend a woman in his life, and then the woman complains to him.

There was this time back then in university, I think I was in my 300L. My friend had an issue with a Lecturer. He had pleaded severally with him, but his pleas fell on deaf ears. He then asked other lecturers he knew to intercede on his behalf. They did but ‘notin still come out.’

One of the lecturers he asked to intercede on his behalf, suggested that he should go meet the man’s wife, who was also a lecturer in the school. My friend did as he was told, and explained everything that happened to the wife, and she agreed to beg his husband on his behalf.

My friend went to the wife on Friday, but before 3pm on Monday, his case was settled. Now, this is what I call the strength of a woman!

I understood about this strength quite early enough, that’s the reason I’ve been able to avoid a whole lot of women drama in my life.

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strength of a woman


Not every woman has found the way to tap and maximize fully this great strength on the men in their lives, basically due to their ignorance of men’s nature.

Naturally men have ego, and for a woman to be able to use that strength on a man, she has to learn how to massage the ego of men. Always let a man know he’s in charge, while you influence him on a low.

From experience, most mothers and few wives know how to use this strength effectively. This is the reason you often see mothers call their sons;

“Nna m,” “My hero,” “Nwoke ike,” and so on.

Also notice, the usual soft and smooth way mothers ask their sons to do a great favor for them. Learn from them!

Runs girls also know the best way to collect big money from their ‘Daddies,’ is to massage their egos.

“Chief/Alhaji, I know you’re the only one who can help me with this…” They normally say with a soft tone while massaging his chest.

Understand this, a woman’s strength can’t be effective on men she shows that she is as powerful as they are; or even as more powerful. If you show a man that everything he thinks he can do for you, you can do it better; he will not have the need to please you again, since anything he’ll do for you, you could already do it yourself.

Women and men view love in a different way. For instance:

If a woman cooks good food for her husband, satisfies all his sexual fantasies but disrespects him in public and in front of his friends. Hence, giving the public and her husband’s friends that the husband is not actually in charge of the family. The husband will not feel loved.

On the other hand, if a man respects his wife both in the home and in public. He does everything the wife asks him to do. But he does not give her attention, listen or appreciates her. She will not feel loved.

Therefore, when a man is RESPECTED, he feels loved; and when a woman is LOVED, she feels respected.

So, if you are a woman, and you really want to exercise your strength of a woman on the men in your life, then learn to respect and massage their egos. Simple!


I’m an entrepreneur, so I always go for negotiations and associations, which are a win-win for me. That’s the reason I’ve also found a way men could benefit from this strength of a woman.

Man, you should always try to avoid women using this strength against you, rather let them use it in your favor. For men are more brutal on their fellow men, when they were motivated by women, and also men are more inclined to help a fellow man when they’re motivated by women.

I have seen women use this strength negatively to turn children against their fathers. I have also noticed that male relatives from the mother’s side are usually more of help to one compared to those from the father’s side.

To have this power on your side, you’ve to be on the good side of the women in your life. This doesn’t mean you should worship or kiss their feet – like I see most men doing for women they find so beautiful.

To be on the good side of women, you just have to give women what they need.

So what do women need? Every woman need a man who’ll ACCEPT and UNDERSTAND her for who she is and not JUDGE her; someone who’ll INTRIGUE and be a CHALLENGE to her; a man who is a source of INSPIRATION to her, and most importantly someone who’ll SEDUCE her (that’s if he’s not related to her).

If you are able to provide this need for the women in your life, they would appreciate you greatly and use this strength to your advantage. If they don’t, make sure to cut them off from your life immediately.



Few of us who have stepped out from the playing field of life to stand on the sidelines and observe and discover how life really works have seen life to be very simple.

I’ve noticed that behind all the hustles and grinding of a man, is the motivation to become dominant so that he could please the women in his life or/and to get access to more quality women in his life.

Also, all the dramas and activities of a woman, is the motivation to become more attractive to attract, get, and influence more dominant and powerful men in the society.

So as I continue to observe from the sidelines of life, sipping my undiluted palm wine, I wish you happiness and inner peace.



About the Author: Gerald Dike

Gerald Dike is the founder of Relationship Strategies For Men. He has helped thousands of men have better interactions and healthy relationships with women of their dreams. He is also an entrepreneur in one of the biggest countries in Africa.

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