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8 Signals Ladies Show When They Want to be Approached by Men.


There are certain signs or signals ladies send directly or indirectly to guys, hoping men would pick it up and approach them.

Most of these signals are quite subtle, and lots of guys don’t recognize it. But hopefully, by the end of this post , you will be able to know and recognize these signals, and act on it.

Okay! Let’s get on with it, shall we?



1. Eye contact: When ladies want to be approached, they often make eye contact with guys. Most times she’ll look away immediately, either looking down or sideways. However, a more confident or experienced lady might lock eyes with you and stare at you for a while before looking away.


2. Smile: When a lady smiles at you (especially the one you don’t really know), she’s feeling you bro. And if you like her too approach her immediately.


3. Playing with her hair: If she’s playing with her hair; maybe with her hands or she’s just tossing it. That’s a              signal bro. MOVE IN! I repeat, MOVE IN ! (In an army commander’s voice). Lol


4. LOL (Laughing Out Loud): Most ladies usually use loud laughter to get men’s attention. So watch out for                ladies laughing pretty loud publicly from now. 90% of the time, it’s a signal that they want to be approached.


5. Parading: When you notice a lady walking about in front of you, accompanied with some hip swinging. She wants you to talk to her bro! Let me put this in a simpler way: if you notice a particular lady walking to and fro in front of you; maybe she has passed you 3 times within 5 mins. She wants you to approach her and we call that kind of movement “parading”.


6. Adjusting: If you notice a lady adjusting her dress, makeup or hair, she’s probably getting ready for a guy’s approach. So that’s a signal also.


7. Head and Pelvis Tilt: When a lady slants her head to one side showing her neck, it’s also a signal to be approached; or she inclines her hips at an angle (this movement is a strategy to put men’s eyes on her hips). So guys, watch out for it!


8. Lips licking: If a lady licks her lips when you make eye contact with her, she’s obviously interested in you. This signal is normally shown by more ‘experienced’ ladies.



These signals can be directed directly to you (when she likes you and wants YOU in particular to approach her), or indirectly (when she just wants to be approached, having no guy particular in mind).

Anyway, in both situations, when you notice these signals and you’re feeling the lady too, approach her immediately. Don’t waste time! If you do, a sharper guy that understands these signals will move in and get the girl.

Also, if you see a lady you like, you mustn’t wait to see these signals before approaching her.

Finally, she might have sent you signals but if your presentation is not cool enough… she might still turn you down. You still have to know the proper way to approach ladies to get a positive response most of the time.

I have made a series post about it

See part I; part II & part III

So the next time you go out bro, pay attention to these signals. You’ll be amazed how often ladies give it.




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