The right way to use humor on girls

The Right way to Use Humor on Girls to Attract and Get Girls

The Right way to use Humor on Girls

I’ve had the privilege of meeting different personalities of guys in my short life so far. The most interesting ones who caught my attention are the comedian types. Those lively ones who are always making people laugh. Ladies really like them (or so you think), they’re always in the midst of girls socializing and laughing.

I once envied them when I saw so many beautiful ladies around them, until I started getting close to them.

The truth is that those type of guys hardly get laid or have their dream girl as a girlfriend. They are usually slotted into a special sub-category of the friend zone called the comedian zone. They get a lot of reactions from girls. Ladies call them funny, they hug them so tightly in public and so on. But they get little or no results with girls.

I see some guys already confused, asking themselves;

“Why is that so? I thought ladies loved funny guys nah!”

Let me ask you a question;

Since you’ve been watching comedy shows, have you ever seen when a comedian comes on stage and cracks a joke and a girl throws him her bra, or rushes on stage to kiss or hug him? No, girls will just laugh, laugh and laugh. Nothing more.

Now, what happens when Wizkid or Flavour steps in? Girls start screaming, and when you look into their eyes you see lust, you see passion. You see that they want to get to these musicians and tear their clothes off.

Do Wizkid or Flavour make girls laugh in their songs? No! Their song hits to girl’s emotions, their song gives ladies sexual tension. But laughter diffuses sexual tension.

Humor is Not Bad

I’m in no way saying that having a sense of humor is bad. No it’s not, every attractive man I know who’s good with women has a great sense of humor — including my humble self <winks>

However, they use it effectively; they know the right way to use humor on girls, they usually mix the humor with their conversation with girls. Unlike the comedian guys that keep on jumping from one random joke to another.

For example;

Comedian guy: So there was this dude that told his dad to be bold and embrace his mistakes. His dad cried and hugged him.

Girl: Hahahahaha… very funny. So the guy was his dad’s mistake?

Comedian guy: Yeah.

Comedian guy: Do you know this my short friend? [Shows her his friends picture]

Girl: Yeah

Comedian guy: whenever he sees me, he keeps asking me for a high-five. Lol I can’t actually give him that, I can only give him a low- five.

Girl: Jezzz! HAHAHAHAHA … You ehh you’ve bad mouth

This is not the right way to use humor on girls. It lacks direction, it’s not taking the conversation further, and you’re not getting to know the girl more in order to create an emotional connection. Just random banter to make her laugh.

Now watch this one below:

Girl: I’ve just clubbed like three times in my whole life. [Says it with phonetics]

You: I hope you do know I was born in the village, so I cannot really understand this your excellent English [you say this with a funny facial expression]

Girl: Hahaha… You ehh

You: But I really love the way you speak. It will really sound so nice when you call me “daddy”

Girl: Hmmmm… Why will I call you daddy?

You: You know nah… When I ask you the question “Who is your daddy?” when we’re doing all those things our parents warned us not to do. [You say this with your bedroom voice and a sexy look]

Girl: hahaha! Please I don’t know what you’re talking about oo

You: Keep pretending you don’t know. You that is a naughty somebody like me… By the way, why have you just clubbed only three times your entire life?

The right way to use humor on girls

As you can see, you’re using the humor to make the conversation more interesting, but still you’re moving the conversation forward by asking her questions which will get her talk about herself more. Now, this is the kind of humor that gets you girls. This is the right way to use humor on girls.

Let me give you one more example;

You: So tell me… what do you do for fun?

Her: Emm… I listen to music, watch movies and chat.

You: That’s interesting, what kind of movies do you like?

Her: Hollywood, Nollywood, Telemundo, and Zee world.

You: Wow, you could have easily said you love all kinds of movies in this world. It’s just Korean movies that’s missing. [little humour]

Her: Hehehe… I don’t like Korean movies.

You: That’s because their men are not as sexy as Telemundo guys. [Sexual humour]

Her: It’s not true jare. Nollywood guys are not sexy, but I still watch them.

You: Are you trying to tell me that Mr Ibu is not sexy? Haven’t you seen his six packs before? [Big Humour]

Her: Hahahahahahaha… no be only six packs.

You: Hehehe… so what about music, what type do you listen to? [Moves the conversation forward]



Avoid being a comedian who entertains girls with random jokes. Always use humor effectively, not to merely entertain but to achieve your result [which is, making her your girlfriend or your lover].

To your dating success,


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