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Persist With Girls: But Don’t Chase Them. See How Here


From the feedback I’ve gotten recently from some brothers here, I’ve discovered that a lot of bros don’t persist with girls. And their reason is that I advised men to stop chasing women.

True, you shouldn’t chase women. However, you should persist with girls.

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You Must Encounter Resistance With Ladies

Understand this brother; you’ll rarely have a smooth sailing with girls. There would be a time in the interaction they would throw-in some resistance your way.

And when they do throw that resistance your way, you’ve to persist until you’re sure that resistance means a firm “No!”

On the other hand, chasing is when a girl has clearly shown you she’s not interested in you or whatever you want with her. But you keep showing her attention, trying to convince her into reconsidering.

Hence, you persist with a lady when you’re persuading her to go along with you because she has not yet made up her mind. And you’re chasing when you’re trying to persuade a girl who has already made up her mind.


For Instance:

When you’re sending texts to a lady and she’s ignoring it or hitting you with one word replies.

You know the ‘5n, k, 10x, gud’ and the rest. She’s clearly showing you she’s not interested in you. And if you keep texting her, trying to get her to respond well to you. You’re chasing her.

However, if you asked a girl out on a date — a girl who has been responding positively to you and she says, “she’s not sure she would be free.”

Then you’ve to PERSIST.


Girl: I’m not sure if I would be free this week.

You: Well, you said you work from Monday – Friday. So you should probably be free on weekend.

Girl: I usually rest on Weekends.

You: Okay, let’s say you rest from Friday Night to Saturday afternoon. We could see on Saturday evening, and you still have a full Sunday to continue your resting.
Come on, we won’t even take up to an hour.

Girl: Okay then.

Now, that’s persistence! And you’re definitely not chasing her.

However, if after persuading her, and she still refused, you can now ask her to let you know whenever she would be free this month; and if she doesn’t give you feedback, let her go. Coz if you keep asking her for a date after she declined, you’re now chasing her.


Another Example on How to Persist With Girls

Maybe you met this gorgeous girl in a social gathering and you asked her to come sit with you somewhere cooler, so you could get to know more about her.

Her: I’m sorry, I can’t go with you. I’m waiting for my friends.

Now, you don’t say I don’t chase girls and let her go. No, you’ve to persist and try persuading her in a calm, warm and sexy manner.

You: We would just be around. Your friends could always see you from there.

Her: Nah, I don’t want them to start looking for me.

You: Do your friends have your phone number?

Her: Yes.

You: That means, they could always call you when they can’t find you where they left you. 
And your friends are probably having fun with some cute guys. Come with me!

Her: Okay.



Learn how to Persist with girls when they object or offer you resistance because it is one thing which would increase your success with women. Heck! If you usually give up at the first couple of resistance a girl throws your way when you’re trying to escalate and get intimate with her, you would rarely get laid.

So, don’t throw in the towel the first time women resist you. Persist!

And persistence is not chasing.

However, you should always know when to cut your losses and let her go when she has made it clear she’s not interested in you or what you’re offering.

Then, you move on and don’t come back. Because immediately you come back for the same thing after you’ve back down initially, you’re no longer persisting but chasing.





About the Author: Gerald Dike

Gerald Dike is the founder of Relationship Strategies For Men. He has helped thousands of men have better interactions and healthy relationships with women of their dreams. He is also an entrepreneur in one of the biggest countries in Africa.

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