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Never Be a Nice Guy to Women: Find Out Why Here.

Who is a Nice guy or Rather How do you know that you’re a Nice guy?

A nice guy is usually so polite with girls. He is usually very cautious not to piss a lady off. He always respect boundaries with women.

Also, a nice guy doesn’t usually get what he wants with women when he wants it. That is;

  • He is just friends with girls he really desires to date.
  • Girls convince him to be in a no-sex relationship with them against his wish.
  • He invests more in girls than they do to him.
  • Girls date him when they want; and not when he wants it.

Basically, a nice guy doesn’t usually date on his own terms, rather, on girls’ terms.


Different Stages of a Nice Guy

There are different stages nice guys usually pass through during their interactions with women. They are:

  • Hopeful Stage: In this stage the nice guy is usually very hopeful about women. He has painted this fantasy of being with the girl of his dreams and they would be in love forever. And he would love, cherish and worship that his special girl and she in turn would love and respect him too.


  • Bitter Stage: A nice guy enters this stage after his expectations from the former stage have been trashed by ladies he liked. He gets bitter towards women when they chose other men over him. Sadly, majority of young men are in this stage.


  • Awakening Stage: This is when the guy starts understanding why women chose other men over him. He now realizes that it is not actually the ladies’ fault; that it was from his. Maybe he got this awakening through instincts, from a friend, or he stumbled on articles. Whichever way, the wool has been taken off his eyes and he is now aware.


  • Determination Stage: In this stage, the nice guy makes a firm decision to turn himself into the sort of man who ladies desire and would want to be with. The nice guy makes up his mind to become an attractive man and he begins his journey of self-improvement.


Girls Love Men Who Go Past Certain Boundaries

Ladies won’t tell you this. But the fact is that women are not attracted men who respect every of their boundaries. You know those:

  • Don’t show a girl you’re sexually attracted to her the first time you meet her.
  • Take it slowly with women and be polite.
  • Never make a move on a girl the first time she comes to your place and the rest of the BS boundaries God knows who made them.

When you follow these rules with girls, they will like you and be friendly with you. But they won’t feel strong attraction for you and probably wouldn’t consider you as mate.

Why? Well, women love dominant men. And dominant men don’t follow those above rules. They move fast with women and make their intentions clear. They don’t hide in the disguise of being a good friend to the lady they want to make love to.

Have you even seen a dominant Bull in action? Does he care about boundaries? Heck No! He is aggressive and bullishly goes after what he wants. Now, I’m not saying you should be aggressive like the bull. No nah… However, you should be more assertive with women while being sexy and charming.

Always remember that ladies are biologically wired to fall for men who know exactly what they want and boldly goes for it; they accept these men as their lovers while friend-zoning our polite nice guy. Ohh! Life is so unfair for a nice guy.


Flavour the Bad-Boy: Never a Nice Guy

Ladies have every reason to despise the high-life singer, Flavour aka Ijele Africa. However, they loveeeeeeee him. I mean, if you listen to Flavour’s songs especially his first and Second Album; you’ll notice that most of his songs didn’t glorify ladies unlike most blues which portrays ladies as this special precious creature that is meant to be worshiped.

No, Flavour’s songs usually portrays women more as sexual creatures. From his songs, you’ll realize that he doesn’t place women on pedestals.

Since, women usually say they don’t like men who sexualize them and don’t see them as equal, why then do they love and lust after Flavour?

Don’t tell me is about money and fame, because it’s not entirely true. Have you seen Flavour’s Baby Mamas? Top models—fine sexy ladies! I know a lot of men with fame and money who can’t get those girls. I don’t want to call names.

Flavour–the bad-boy

So, why do women still feel much attraction for him, when he doesn’t usually glorify or place them on pedestals? It is Simple! Women love bad-boys who see them as girls they are—silly, sexy and cute beings. And not as a queen who should be worshiped or adored.


Do What is Right For Attraction; and Not What Pleases Girls.

The first step to stop being a nice guy is to stop trying to please girls. Just drop the act of always trying seeking validation from women. Stop worrying that your actions or words might piss the lady off. Rather, just do what you’ve learned is good for attraction.

Things like:

  • Moving fast with girls; approaching them immediately you feel attraction; getting her contacts fast; asking her out on a date ASAP, inviting her to your place, physically escalating with her the first time she comes to your place and so on.
  • Flirting and Seducing girls
  • Connecting emotionally with women.
  • Getting girls to invest in you
  • Cutting off a girl who is not responding well after you’ve persisted with her.


You Won’t Always Get a Positive Reaction

When moving past boundaries with girls, don’t ever think you would be getting positive reactions from girls. Some might get angry and leave; some might protest or shout at you. But don’t let that initial gra-gra get to you. Leave positive reactions from girls for the nice guy, you and I my manny—we’re after results. We are after getting things done.

Now when they throw you these initial negative reactions; be cool, relaxed and calm. Then brush it off like it’s nothing, then continue with overstepping the boundaries.

So, there was this lady I went out on a date with—it was actually our first date and the first time we’re seeing face to face. We kinda met online.

As we got to the date, we talked and got to know each other better—well, actually I got to know her better—because I inspired her to talk more about herself while I applied mystery when talking about myself. You know, it is very important to intrigue ladies.

She really felt connected with me, so when I started doing some heavy flirting with her, she was really responding fine.

Then, it was time to leave, I couldn’t invite her to somewhere we could be alone because the logistics wasn’t good. It was almost getting late—she stays with her parents and when we were discussing I found out her parents were strict especially the mum—so convincing her would be damn hard.

As we left the fast food, it was a bit dark now. We were still discussing:

Our Discussion:

Me: So tell me Hun, what do you think of me? Does my online personality match with my offline one?

Her: Yeah…Kinda… But the offline you is way naughtier. Gosh!

Me: {Chuckles} really? This naughty? [I said this as I grabbed her ass]

Her: [Her mood changed immediately and she asked me] why did you do that?

Me: [I was calm and with a mischievous smirk , I replied] why shouldn’t I?

Her: I mean we’re just meeting. Why would you do such a thing? [Acting vexed]

Me: And so? Where is it written on how long I should wait before I get naughty with you? I’m attracted to you and you’re attracted to me… that’s all that matters. Stop being so uptight Hun; none of us are leaving here alive. So, where again did you say you stay? [I said this with a firm but calm tone]

Her: [Now cool and relaxed] I stay at ###### [And I led her to where she would take a bus home]

Before, I got back home. I saw chat messages from her on how she enjoyed the date and stuff. She never mentioned that scenario again. And I noticed that immediately I grabbed her ass and brushed off her objections like it meant nothing, her attraction for me spiked. I forgot to add, she also claims to be a feminist.


Make Intelligent Moves

Now, I’m not advising you to start grabbing asses of girls you’re just meeting the first time. If you’re still new to meeting women, I’ll advise you to avoid this until you’re comfortable flirting with new girls effortlessly.

Also, there were certain factors I considered before grabbing her ass. First, I knew I’ve connected emotionally with her, she feels comfortable with me.

Secondly, it was dark, so no one would really see us. Thirdly, since I couldn’t invite her to someplace to escalate with her, I had to communicate clearly that I didn’t want to be her friend. Do you think a lady would be surprised when a guy who grabbed her ass in public is trying to escalate with her when they’re alone? Heck no!

I didn’t worry about pleasing her; I only did what was necessary for attraction.

A Nice guy cares about reactions from women. But an attractive man cares about results.


Wrap Up

Whatever you do with women, don’t appear as a nice guy to them. Stop worrying about pissing off ladies with your words or actions. Focus more on getting your desired outcome—that is, what you initially wanted from the lady.

However, you should always cross these boundaries with smoothness, charm and warmth—that’s what differentiates an attractive man from a jerk.




About the Author: Gerald Dike

Gerald Dike is the founder of Relationship Strategies For Men. He has helped thousands of men have better interactions and healthy relationships with women of their dreams. He is also an entrepreneur in one of the biggest countries in Africa.

You can grab his new Book here==> The Attractive Man: How to Become the Man Who Women Desire And Chase

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