Ladies Attraction has a Short Life Span

The Short life span of Ladies Attraction:

So you met this lady, and she starts showing you all these “green-lights” immediately.

She chats really well with you, calls you on phone, always wants to stay and hang out with you, wants to do things for you, always touching you when talking with you and so on.

But because of one reason or the other, you didn’t respond to those signals.

Maybe you don’t really like her; or you weren’t aware it was a signal that she was interested in you; or maybe you were just postponing it. Then suddenly, the lady became cold to you, stopped talking, calling or texting you entirely. Started keeping a straight face for you whenever she sees you.

Now, you’re confused. You don’t know what you did wrong. And as she stopped showing these signals, you found out you like her.

So you finally approached and asked her out on a date.

But she said No! Giving you one flimsy excuse or another.

You’re more confused now, you say to yourself;

“But…I thought this lady liked me?!”


Have you had a similar experience like this?


I know you have and today I’ll tell you what happened.

ladies attraction has a short life span



In other words, when a lady is interested in you and she shows you that she’s interested in you, if you don’t make a move immediately, she’ll think you’re not interested in her and move on immediately.

When she moves on, it’ll be hard for you to get her again. Unless you’re famous or you’re really handsome and rich.

And the prettier the girl, lesser the time she’s going to show you she’s interested in you.


So Why Does this happen with girls?

Now lemme ask you.

Do you know how many guys that approach an average girl daily?

Do you know how many guys that call and text an average girl daily?

Have you gone through a girl’s social media handle before?

The thing is that an average girl has lots of guys that want her attention. I don’t even want to talk about those pretty pretty ones. Lol

So, if a lady shows you she’s interested in you and you don’t move in FAST. She just moves on with the next available guy.

Trust me, there are many waiting.

And remember, the prettier the girl, the faster she moves on.



If a lady shows you she’s interested in you, and you like her too, approach her immediately and make her yours. Don’t waste time.



This is one of the best things I’ve learnt from Ladies so far. I hope you learn from it too.

So, if a lady is interested in you and you don’t reciprocate it, she’ll stop giving you her attention and move on. Right?

Then, if you show a lady you’re interested in her and she didn’t reciprocate it, then you should also (like ladies) stop giving her your attention and move on instead of chasing or begging her to become interested in you.

You can’t actually force someone to like or become interested in you.


And you can do this easier, if you have other options (other girls) you can easily move on with. And for you to do that you’ve to become an attractive man who ladies want in their life.

I hope you understand? Good!

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Happy Sunday brothers!

Cheers to understanding the nature of ladies attraction,


About the Author: Gerald Dike

Gerald Dike is the founder of Relationship Strategies For Men. He has helped thousands of men have better interactions and healthy relationships with women of their dreams. He is also an entrepreneur in one of the biggest countries in Africa.

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