James Bond

Six Qualities of James Bond Every Man Needs To Have For a Successful and Fulfilled Life

James Bond: The Near Perfect Man

If you’ve known me for a while or been following my articles, you might have noticed that I think so highly of the James Bond Movie Character. Truth is, James Bond is one of my big-time role models. In fact, the two male figures who had most impact in my present attitudes and character were my dad and James Bond Character.

So, the 007 series is not just a movie to me, it’s like a character and attitude book which I study. The funny thing is, I don’t even pay attention to the ‘action’ part of the movie. Yeah, yeah… I know James Bond is a ‘fictional’ movie character. However, there are real life lessons and attitudes which James Bond portrays that every man ought to know and emulate.

Now, James Bond Character is not perfect; no one is. Hence, it won’t be wise to emulate everything verbatim. For instance, James Bond kills for a living (he’s an assassin), prefers mingling with attached women especially the married ones and drinks way too much.

James Bond's attitude you should emulate


Now, I’m not going to advise you to emulate these above behaviors of his. In fact, it should be this way with your mentors and role models. Never copy every of their character.

Nobody is perfect. Always remember that. And you shouldn’t love them less because of their one or two flaws. For example, I admire Fela Kuti so much, I always try to emulate his courage and sincerity. However, I sure won’t try smoking like him.

Okay, enough talk. Let’s go straight to business!

So what are those qualities of James Bond you should emulate?

The answers lie just below.

Six James Bond Qualities You Should Emulate As a Man

  • Always be Mission-Oriented.
  • Be Competent and Capable.
  • Have Faith in Yourself and in your Abilities.
  • Be Bold in Whatever You Do.
  • Be in Control of Thy Emotions.
  • Develop a High Self-Esteem.

Now, I’ll talk more on each quality below.


  1. Be Mission-Oriented

James Bond is always focused on his mission. To him, the mission always comes first. He doesn’t allow distractions derail him from achieving his mission. True, James Bond mingles and sleeps with beautiful women when he is on mission, however he doesn’t allow women slow him down or stop him from his mission.

A typical example of this is in Casino Royale.

So James Bond was making out with this gorgeous woman in his hotel room (who happens to be the wife of his target). Immediately he found out that his target was already on the move, he left this gorgeous woman who was already turned on, alone in his hotel room and went after his target in order to accomplish his mission.

He didn’t try convincing himself to have a taste of her before going for the mission–even if it was just 2 mins or maybe, just to put only the tip since he was not sure he might have that opportunity again. No, he didn’t even contemplate that. Because to him, the mission always comes first.

Same way brotherly, your goals and purpose in life should be your mission. And it should ALWAYS come first.


  • You should never make girls (or a particular girl) your mission or priority in life.
  • You shouldn’t make showing off in clubs, parties or social media your mission in life.

Your mission should be discovering your purpose and achieving your full potential in life.

Now, this doesn’t mean you should avoid mingling with ladies or have a wack romantic life, just because you’re chasing your goals.

No nah… “Man no be firewood.”

And moreover having the right women by your side, will make the grind sweeter, just the way the Bond girls make James Bond’s mission sweeter.

I’m a super-focused guy. People close to me know that very well. However, I make sure that I always have the sort of girls I desire in my life at any given time. Life is too short and uncertain, you know…so as you’re grinding brother, do remember to enjoy too. Because you sincerely don’t know when you’re leaving here.

Also, your purpose in life shouldn’t just be about making money, it should be about impacting positively in other people’s life and making the world a better place. Because if your purpose is ONLY about making a lot of money, you’ll have no DRIVE to keep working once you’ve made the sort of money your brain interprets as enough.

But if it’s about making the world a better place and impacting positively to the world, you will always have the drive and hunger to do and innovate more even when you’ve all the money in the world.

  • So when a guy uses his school fees to pay for his girlfriend’s own, is he mission-oriented? No nah. The guy na better jonzing man!
  • What about a guy who uses his business capital or money he was meant to save for investments, to spend on girls and form ‘big-boy’ in clubs? Is he goal-driven? Not at all, he’s not a serious man.
  • And what about the student who decided to spend his time chatting and mingling with girls when he could’ve been preparing for his exams next week? Is he focused? Nah… the boy na better obote!

Always be mission-oriented bro. Always make your goals priority. Discover your purpose in life and stay true to it.


  1. Be Competent and Capable.

As a man, you’ll be judged and respected in the society by how capable and competent you’re perceived to be. Hence, it is very essential that you learn HOW TO DO VARIETY OF THINGS. And you should try to be very good at whatever it is that you do.

James Bond is a very capable and competent spy with variety of skills.

He knows how to do hand-to-hand combat. He’s an expert when handling guns and other weapons. Bond can hack into computers. He is also a great dancer and seducer (he got great women skills). He knows how to operate a car, helicopter, boat and so many other skills he has in his arsenal.

James Bond is a man of many ‘essential’ skills and if you want to be successful in life, you should also develop vital skills.



Also, he didn’t wake up one day and became an expert in all those areas. It took him lots of practice, failures, frustration and disappointments to master those skills. Therefore, in order to become a man of many skills, you need a great amount of self-discipline. It won’t come easy.

Now, the skills you ought to learn more, should be inclined with your purpose. That is, with the line of work you do.

For instance, if you’re heading to the entrepreneurship world, you should be competent in: selling, leadership, networking, emotional intelligence, team building etc.

If you’re a web developer, you should be capable of coding and designing a typical website, knowing how to write different computer languages and so on.

Basically in life, you should always seek to learn new skills and perfect the old ones. Never stop learning. And always strive to become one of the best in whatever you do. Never be comfortable being average.

Successful men know how to do things effectively, or they know how to assemble those who know how to do things effectively. Therefore, always strive to be a capable and competent man.


  1. Have Faith In Yourself and In Your Abilities

James Bond is someone who believes in himself. He is confident that he will accomplish his missions. He is confident that he has the capability to achieve his goals and objectives.

Sometimes, he goes against the Agency orders because he trusts his instincts more. Bond is a man who can turn his back on the whole world and follow his instincts and intuition. And he is able to do that because he believes in himself more than anybody out there.

And most times, he is usually vindicated because our instincts are usually right. If only we trust it more.

So if you want to be a pacesetter in this life, you must have great amount of faith in yourself and in your abilities. You must believe in yourself even when the whole world is mocking you—as long as you believe truly in what you’re doing.

When the Wright Brothers proclaimed that they would make men fly like birds of the air, they were laughed at and mocked. But because they believed in themselves more than others, they continued and invented the airplane.

So brotherly, always have faith in yourself more than another human being on earth.


  1. Be Bold in Whatever You Do

As a man, you should be bold. There are no two ways about that. It’s a necessity for you. Never be comfortable being timid. Timidity is not humility, it is weakness. And weak men are oppressed and taken for granted by everyone.

James Bond is a bold man. You can see it from the kind of work he does and even how he goes about the work. That’s why he’s one of the top agents of MI6.

You can also see it with the way he mingles with ladies.

When Bond meets a girl he likes… a typical bond will make a sexy eye contact with the lady first, then check her out slowly (to let the girl know he is admiring her, thereby hinting at his intention instantly)… then he will re-establish eye contact with her; but now with a mischievous smile or smirk. And he will probably make a witty compliment. Something like:

“Hmmm… No wonder your man doesn’t want to let you out of his sight. I’m James… James Bond,” he says this while extending his hands for a handshake.

Be like Bond and be bold in whatever you do.


James Bond


  1. Be in Control of Thy Emotions

I see this modern society encouraging men to express their emotions whenever, wherever and however they like. They frown at statements like “Man up” “Don’t cry, you’re a man.” That’s really bad advice man.

Now, I’m not saying expressing your emotions is bad. No, not at all. You’re a human being, so you should express your emotions. However, know when, where and people you show your emotions to.

Remember that the same women (who advise you to be free to express your emotions) suppress their sexual urges and pretend as if they don’t like or desire sex just as men do.

Listen brotherly, if you want to be truly respected as a man in your society, please keep your emotions in check.

James Bond usually keeps his emotions in control. Sometimes, his enemies insult him with the intention to make him lose his temper. However, he just stays there, relaxed with a smirk on his face and probably with a glass of drink in his hand.

James doesn’t believe in exchanging insults or threat with someone, when he could take him by surprise and deal with him accordingly.

I mean, why threaten and exchange heated words with a guy…when you could just go ahead and treat his fuck-ups? And by then you’ve the ‘element of surprise’ on your side.

Show your emotions uncontrollably in public and you’ve revealed to your enemies and frenemies what they can use against you in the future. So, always keep your emotions in control and make people wonder what makes you tick.


  1. Develop a High Self-esteem

Self-esteem is how much you like and think of yourself. If you like yourself very much and think highly of yourself, you’ve a high self-esteem. On the other hand, if you don’t like yourself very much and usually look down on yourself, you’ve a low self-esteem.

James Bond has such a high self-esteem. This is the reason he takes care of himself very well; the way he dresses, his body physique and the way he carries himself. He never thinks lowly of himself. Sometimes, he takes it to the extreme and comes off as arrogant. But a little of arrogance occasionally doesn’t hurt.

As a man you should develop a high self-esteem. Because if you’ve a high esteem, you’ll never force yourself on people. You won’t beg anyone to enter or stay in your life. Once you know that person doesn’t want you in their life, you leave. Because you think so highly of yourself.

The thing is, once you develop a high self-esteem, you’ll automatically develop self-respect, self-love and self-care. It all goes together—just like rice and beans.



James Bond is a movie character every man should emulate. However, be sure to sieve out those bad attitudes of his. Six attitudes of his you should emulate are:

  • Mission-oriented.
  • High level of Competence and Capability.
  • Self-belief.
  • Boldness
  • Emotional Intelligence and
  • High Self-esteem.

To your overall success,

Gerald Dike.

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