How to get girls

How to Get Girls; Move Fast with Them

How to Get Girls? Move Fast with them:

In this platform, I’ve always emphasized that you shouldn’t waste time with new girls. Whenever you meet a new girl, you should move fast with her. In this post I’ll explain the reason.

Back then when I was still swimming in the ocean of ignorance with women— I usually saw a lot of Romantic Movies where you see guys waiting for like three dates before he goes for just a common kiss. In the movies, the nice guys always got the girl at the end. So, I went along thinking that being a nice guy is how to get girls.

For clarity purpose; a nice guy is;

  •  A guy who avoids showing a lady he’s sexually attracted to her (he avoids hinting he’s interested in having sex with her)
  • He prefers to wait till the third date before trying to go for a common kiss or inviting the lady to his place. He likes taking it slow with ladies.
  • During the first date, he avoids any form of touch or flirting with the lady. In other words he’s too polite.
  • A nice guy doesn’t think of getting intimate with a lady the first time she comes to his place and so on because that’s not gentleman like and the girl might see him as a jerk.
  • He shows his affection for a new lady by buying her stuffs, doing favours for her, and trying hard to impress her with exotic dates.

I had these above mindsets. So, whenever I met a lady, I did these all these. I had a lot of reactions actually.

“You’re such a romantic guy and a gentleman,”

“You’re such a nice guy.”

That’s what I usually heard from these ladies. They were really friendly with me. However, I got very few results. I ended up being just a friend to most of these girls I applied these strategies on. I was frustrated. I searched on Google “How to get Girls.” Yeah, I was that frustrated.

But when I learned about the “moving fast with girls strategy” and applied it. The results were mind blowing. I experienced better success with women than I’ve ever had in my life.

Then I realized that Romantic Movies were Scam. It’s all film trick. Later on I understood why it was like that. You know since ladies were the audience for these romantic movies, the directors made it in such a way that they (ladies) would like it. But trust me, the thing that happens in most romantic movies are not practical—it doesn’t work most times in real life.  I know you know this is true, because it hasn’t really worked well for you so far too.



Firstly, like I’ve told you earlier; a woman’s attraction has a short life span. Now, a lady’s attraction for you is highest when she meets you newly. However, if you don’t move fast to make her your lover or your girlfriend, the romantic attraction will start decreasing as she gets to know you more as a friend.

That’s the reason when a girl who’s showing you green lights that she’s interested in you, withdraws after sometime if you don’t make a move on her. So you need to move fast with girls when the attraction is still strong. As in, strike while the iron is still red-hot.


Secondly, since an average-looking lady is being approached daily by men, she has a lot of men in her life who wants her attention. Hence, ladies tend to categorize men who comes into their life very quickly.

There are three major categories, a guy can fit into a ladies life.

  • The Friend Category.
  • The Lover Category,
  • The Boyfriend Category.

So when you meet a girl, and start doing friend things with her like; calling every day to check on her, going to shopping together, eating together, doing favours for her. She says to herself

“Ohh, this one will be a good friend oo,” she immediately moves you to the friend category.

But if you meet a girl, and all you’re doing is to seduce her, exciting all these naughty emotions in her mind, trying to get physically intimate with her ASAP, and the same time hinting to her that you love your single life and you’ve no plans of settling soon. She will say to herself.

Since, I’m attracted to this guy and he’s obviously not ready to commit anytime soon. Let’s just have fun then” She now considers you as a lover she’ll have causal relationship with.

On the other hand if you meet a girl, and immediately, you start flirting with her, showing her you’re sexually attracted to her and you’re all charming and stuff. You subtly hint to her you’re single, and you’re open to a relationship.  She’ll think to herself.

“This guy is charming, funny and nice, he’ll make a great boyfriend.” Then she slows things a bit down with you, and tries to avoid getting intimate with you immediately, so that you won’t see her as a cheap girl. She wants you to see her as a worthy girl to make a girlfriend.

All these categorizing happens immediately you meet a new lady.

The truth is most guys try to become a lady’s friend first while hiding their true intention of wanting to become a lover or a boyfriend. They now try to work up to the lover or boyfriend zone. This strategy is really time wasting and energy consuming, and most times you’ll find yourself in the friend zone.

They do this because there’s a lower risk of facing rejection when wanting to be a lady’s friend compared to when you want to be her boyfriend or lover. If you ask 100 girls to be your friend, 95 of them will agree. But it’s not the same when it comes to becoming a lover or boyfriend.

So most guys decide playing it safe.

Listen to me bro,

Don’t play it safe with ladies. Always be bold and take risks with ladies. It signifies power and confidence, and ladies love those two traits.

Strategies on how to get girls


In order to move fast with ladies, you’ve to have a precise purpose in mind. I see most guys going on dates, talking and spending time with woman without any definite purpose.

Most times when I ask a guy, “So, what do you want from this lady?” He’ll be like “I dunno yet, let’s see how it goes”

That’s a wrong move bro.

Don’t do that shit. When you don’t really know what you want from a girl, you tend to settle for anything the girl offers you. And that’s usually less than you deserve.

So when you meet a new girl, ask yourself this question

“What do I want from her?”

Do I want her to be my good friend?

Do I want to take her into my arms and make love to her like a man should?

Or do I want her to be my girlfriend, my bae; someone I could build something serious with in the future?

When you’ve answered this question, then you can now plan on the right strategy to use for her. This is the most vital step on how to get girls; you’ve to know what you want from every new girl you meet.


I do have valuable female friends.

You know sometimes, I see a girl who’ll be really beneficial to me in my life; maybe she got a connected family or friends, or she has a particular knowledge I would really love to tap from tome to time; I will try to be just friends with her, because if she becomes my lover or girlfriend, there’s a tendency something might happen along the way and we separate and she goes off with her connections and other benefits. Friendship usually lasts more than relationships. Girls know this; that’s the reason they friend zone guys who’re really beneficial to them.

So if you want to be just friends with a lady, you take it slow with her, keep doing friendly and fun things with her, going shopping together, eating together, try asking her about her boyfriend, and be eager to hear about her emotions and previous heartbreaks. Also hint to her you’ve a girl. Then try getting her to invest in you, while you invest in her too. That’s how you build a balanced friendship with a lady.


If you want her to be your lover, you’ve to seduce her really well. Hence, you’ve to learn the “art of seduction.” How to turn girls on. I’m sure you know certain girls that everything they do just gives you these naughty thoughts in your mind. The way they talk, their walk; the way the look into your eyes, the way they touch you and so on. Someone can be naturally beautiful, however being sexy is learned.

For example: You know Alicia Keys is more naturally beautiful and endowed than Rihanna, however Rihanna is sexier. Just Rihanna’s voice alone is enough to make any man go crazy, talk more of when she gives you that her trademark sexy look.

You can learn sexiness too; to make a girl only think of doing bad things with you whenever you’re around her. But it’ll take effort from you though.

If you want her to be your girlfriend; you’ve to try creating an emotional connection between you and her, during your conversations with her, try to know her dreams and aspirations; where she wants to be in the next 5 yrs, her dream job, and so on. When you talk about all these future things with her, you suggest into her subconscious mind that you see yourself with her in the future. Also try going for the kiss on the first date or at the most second date; or else you maybe just heading to the friend zone too.


So if you meet a girl, set up an offline date with her immediately. Start showing her your intentions from the first date; move fast! That’s how to get girls.

Nowadays, I don’t court a girl more than 2 weeks. I always try to fix all the dates (1st, 2nd and occasionally 3rd) within the 2 weeks. If after the two weeks she is not going in the same direction with me. I stop giving her my attention immediately. I am a busy man and I can’t spare anytime chasing girls.

If you follow this strategy, I’m sure it’ll work for you. It has worked for me and other guys which have used this strategy. All you’ve to do is to have the courage to apply it, and you’ll realize you’ve been wasting time following the Romantic movies strategy.


Always have a definite purpose when dealing with women. Make up your mind if you want her as a friend, lover, or girlfriend. Then work towards it quickly with boldness. Take risks with women. Make your intentions clear.

Then, if you notice her interests and yours are not aligned, you leave immediately (maybe you want to be her boyfriend, but she just wants you as a friend).

Never settle for less bro.


To your dating success,



About the Author: Gerald Dike

Gerald Dike is the founder of Relationship Strategies For Men. He has helped thousands of men have better interactions and healthy relationships with women of their dreams. He is also an entrepreneur in one of the biggest countries in Africa.

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