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How to Deal with Rejection from Ladies

How to Deal with Rejection from Ladies


You have to understand that girls won’t approach you, unless you’re a superstar. Even if you’re a superstar, those other superstar women won’t approach you. So, if you want to have more quality girls in your life, you’ve to actually go out there and approach lots of quality women.

The main reason guys are scared of approaching ladies is the fear of rejection. But the truth is that rejection in general is normal; everybody will get rejected one day.

Even Jack Ma, one of the richest man in China (as of the time I’m writing this article), got rejected a lot of times.


Now, you should never take rejections from ladies personal.


They didn’t reject you, because they don’t actually know you.

They don’t know about your personality; your likes & dislikes; the kind nature of your heart; your hobbies; your taste in music, movies and so on. And she can’t know all these things within that short time you approached her.

So Ladies you approached randomly didn’t reject YOU, because they don’t know.

Now what did they actually reject? When you understand the reasons a lady might reject you, you’ll easily know how to deal with rejection from them.




  • Your Approach Game:

This is the major reason ladies reject a guy who they just met. How you approach a lady really matters.

Your approach game is like the ambassador of your personality.

For instance;

Let’s say you’re a guy full of self-confidence and you’re cool when talking to new ladies. However, you just saw this very pretty and sexy lady… then your heart just melted == all your self-confidence vanished.

Then as you approached her, you did so in a not so confident manner; with a poor body posture, words came out trembling from your mouth, you barely looked into her eyes while talking.

She’ll see you as a weak timid man, even though you’re a confident guy on a normal day. And she’s probably going to reject your advances, because ladies don’t fancy a weak man.

On the other hand,

If a guy who is not that confident, is in a high spirit (maybe artificially induced by a stimulant), approaches a new girl in that high mood.

And with the help of those stimulant, talked to the lady so confidently.

The lady will perceive him as a confident guy and accept his advances (as long as she didn’t notice he was in the influence of some stimulants)


Therefore, Ladies reject your style of approach and not you as a person.


And I’ve discussed this previously on approach strategies. It’ll really help your approach game.


NB: I don’t support confidence induced my artificial stimulants. It’s fake and temporary.

Natural confidence is better. It’s real and permanent.

how to deal with rejection

  • Her Mood:

The mood a lady is in when you approached is another factor that’ll determine the type of response she’ll give to you.

Now let us imagine this scenario;

So there’s this particular lady; let’s call her “Amara”

So Amara went to school for lectures on a Monday.

And the results of the previous semester exams came out the same day.

She checked hers, and found out she failed two very important courses.

Now, she’s devastated. This means she might not graduate with her mates.

She pondered on these thoughts as she went back home.


Now, you on the other hand. Saw Amara as she was coming back from school.

You said to yourself

“Wow, she’s so fine. Lemme go talk to her”

You stopped her and delivered your opening line confidently. She totally ignored you.

And you ask yourself “What did I do wrong?” “Maybe is because I didn’t stop her with a Benz. Mtcheww”


As you can see bro, it’s not actually your fault. She was just in a bad mood, and sometimes you’ll approach ladies in their bad mood. So, don’t take it personally.


  • Past Experience:

So I was discussing with this female friend of mine… and don’t know what led to what as she made this statement

“I will never date a guy with dreads”

“Why?” I asked curiously.

“My two previous ex-boyfriends did dreads, and they broke my heart severely. Any guy on dread ain’t never coming close to me! Ever again!!!” She protested.


Now, let’s assume you’re a guy on dreads and you approached this my female friend so confidently when she’s in a good mood. There’s still a high chance she’ll still reject you, because she has already stereotyped you and auto-rejected you immediately she set her eyes on you.

So some ladies due to past experiences will reject you, even before you approach them. And this too is also not your fault.



  • You’re not Her Type:

It’s not only men that have ‘specs’, even ladies have also.

Although, ladies are a bit lenient when it comes to sticking strictly to their specs compared to men.

Nonetheless, they still have specs of men they want, and the ones they never see themselves dating.


I’ve seen ladies who don’t date fair guys. I’ve also met the ones that never see themselves dating a dark one.

Some ladies prefer the slim guys (like Phyno) to the athlete type (like Iyanya).

Some ladies prefer the reverse. There are ladies that guys in general are not their type; the lesbians and the misandrists.


So what am I trying to make you understand?

You might approach a lady and do everything right, but because you’re just not her type, she’ll still reject you.

And this is not your fault.

how to deal with rejection

  • She’s just not Available:

Another reason a lady might reject you is because she’s not just in the dating market. She maybe she’s in a very serious relationship that has a really good future.

Or she just got engaged yesterday, and she was planning her wedding in her head when you approached her.

Maybe she decided not to enter a romantic relationship, until she’s ready for marriage.

And this too is not your fault, it’s not about you and there’s absolutely nothing you can do about.

Most times, it’s not actually your fault. There are several kinds of women you’ll meet out there, though I have previously categorized them into three main types in the post titled “Three types of women you’ll meet out there”


So, rejection is inevitable.


How to Deal with Rejection from Ladies like a Boss

When you approach a lady, and she rejects you.

Just smile, shrug it off and say to yourself

“If she only you knew what she just missed”

Then go approach other ladies until you meet someone who likes you; and that’s how to deal with rejection from ladies. It’s that simple, but it’s not easy.



Don’t allow fear of rejection stop you from approaching ladies you like.

Don’t take rejections from ladies personally. Most times, it’s not about you.

All you have to do is to get more attractive and improve on your approach techniques, and you’ll get lesser rejections from ladies.










About the Author: Gerald Dike

Gerald Dike is the founder of Relationship Strategies For Men. He has helped thousands of men have better interactions and healthy relationships with women of their dreams. He is also an entrepreneur in one of the biggest countries in Africa.

You can grab his new Book here==> The Attractive Man: How to Become the Man Who Women Desire And Chase

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