Some Differences in Attraction Between Men and Women

Differences in Attraction

Clearly, women and men are different—this applies to their attraction to each other. Hence, what attracts a man to a woman is not exactly the same thing which attracts a woman to a man.


So, I will quickly give you some of these differences in attraction between the two genders below. Okay? Good.



Women are naturally attracted and prefer men who are more experienced with other women over men who are inexperienced with women.


Men on the other hand, prefer women who are inexperienced with other men over women who are experienced with men.


This is the reason women are not overly bothered if a guy has had a lot of sexual partners in the past–as long as he has other things she likes in a man.


Fact is, ladies are not that attracted to a virgin man.


While men are so concerned about the number of sexual partners a woman has had–especially if they’re considering a long term relationship with the lady.


This is also the reason men get so much attracted to lady immediately she tells them she’s a virgin.




Women are also attracted to popular and famous guys. A guy who they see so many ladies hovering around and seeking for his attention.


Ladies love and chase after men who has so many choices of ladies to pick from.


While most guys, get scared of a popular girl. A lady who has the attention of so many guys at her beck and call.


For example, the social media slay queens who have thousands of likes and comments.




This simply means that a man could immediately see a lady and decide immediately without any doubts that he wants to sleep with the lady. Without knowing anything about the lady or her character or attitude.


And if given the chance, the man would have sex with her, without minding if she’s proud or timid.


But women’s sexual attraction is mainly based on the man’s TRAITS.


This means a woman might see you and immediately get attracted to you.

However, before she decides to do anything intimate with you, she would want to find out some of your traits as a man.


And the main trait women check for in sexual attraction is that of dominance and sexiness.




a) Show Experience:

If you want to get girls to get more attracted to you, give them the impression that you’re experienced with women.


You can do this by being calm, relaxed, and confident when interacting with women. Also, don’t seem too excited that you’re hanging out with them. Just act like it’s a normal thing for you to meet her kinda girl.


And before I forget:


“Don’t ever tell a lady you’re a virgin—even though you’re a virgin.”


b) Show Social Proof:

To increase your success with women, give them the feeling you’re also wanted by other ladies.


You know some guys are actually scared to show a lady that other girls are attracted to him. They think the lady would get discouraged and let them go.


Nothing could be farther from the truth…


See, a lady naturally likes and goes for what other ladies seem to like and go for. It’s a form of validation for her—since women are not naturally risk takers.


So when she sees other ladies wanting your attention, she’ll say to herself, “Since others ladies like you, then you must be a very desirable man.”


Then her attraction for you increases.

However, you’ve to let her know that even though that all these girls want your attention, it is her your eyes are for.


Now, I don’t mean you should blatantly tell and boast to ladies how other ladies are fighting for your attention.

No, that’s childish.


I’m just saying you shouldn’t try so hard to conceal that other girls want you. If she finds out—it would do you more good than harm.


Trust me.


c) Show Dominance and Sexiness:

Since girls so much love a dominant and a sexy man. You should work on your dominance level and sexiness.


That means you need to be bolder when dealing women. Stop hesitating before making moves on girls; stop worrying about the likely consequences of your action. Just make a bold move.


You also need to be leading your interactions with women and command them without being seen as controlling.


For example, after you approached a lady and built a little rapport. You should be the one to ask her to move and sit down some place cooler so that you two could get to talk more.


You could say: You know what? Let’s sit over there… Here seems a bit crowded.


On a date, you should be the one to invite her home immediately you notice the vibe is getting right.


You could say: How about this plan Hun? Let’s get some ice-cream and popcorn. After that we head to my place. There’s this romantic movie I’ve you would really love. Since you said you love romantic movies.


Stop hesitating. Dominant men don’t hesitate!


Then you have to improve your seduction skills too; learn how to flirt with ladies the way they love it.




Women love experienced, dominant, and sexy men who has the options of a lot ladies but still has eyes for her.


Come across women as the above man, and you’ll see lots of ladies responding more positively to you.





About the Author: Gerald Dike

Gerald Dike is the founder of Relationship Strategies For Men. He has helped thousands of men have better interactions and healthy relationships with women of their dreams. He is also an entrepreneur in one of the biggest countries in Africa.

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