Why women should be the ones to push for committed relationship

Why Women should be the Ones to Push for Committed Relationship

Committed Relationship: Why It Favors Women More

I look around the society, and I see a lot of men begging ladies to be in a committed relationship with them. If only they knew it should be the other way round—ladies should be the ones pushing for a committed relationship with them.

So in this post, I’ll give you reasons why ladies should be the ones pushing and asking for commitment from you. The truth is that in the current settings of the society, committed relationship favors women more than men. And I’ll tell you why.

Note: When I talk about committed relationship I mean serious relationships and marriage.



Power Shifts to the women in a committed relationship.

When a man enters a committed relationship, it is required of the man by the society to give up all wooing/toasting of other women.

However, when a woman enters a committed relationship— including marriage, she still gets approached and wooed by other men.

Now, the more ladies, a man is able to woo and get, the more desirable he feels about himself. And the more men that approach or woos a woman, the more desirable she feels about herself.

Hence, in a committed relationship the man feels less desirable as a man, where the woman still feels as desirable as she felt when she was single.

Basic Power Shifts in a Relationship

When a guy meets a lady newly, exchange of powers occur as thus:

The guy starts pushing for sexual intimacy. (The lady has the power at this point.)

If the guy gets the sexual intimacy without entering a committed relationship with the lady== the power shifts back to him, so he relaxes and is happy.

Then the lady would start pushing for a commitment. If she gets the commitment, the power goes back to her.

The guy would start pushing for sexual intimacy again. However, this time, it is the lady who usually decides when and if the man gets sexual intimacy in a committed relationship. This is the reason most girlfriends and wives determine when their boyfriends and husbands get to have sex. (Which cannot happen in a causal relationship, where the man is free to have other options)

As you can see, in a committed relationship, the power shift favors women. Now, who do you think controls the most things which go in marriages? Husband or the Wife?

A husband who cannot even change the Tv channel? Ahaha!

Why do you think wedding day is the happiest day of every woman’s life, and not the man?

To the next reason jare!


Commitment Relationship satisfies a female’s primary instinct.

According to evolutionary biology, the primary instinct of every female is to mate with the most dominant male available to her and carry his seeds (children).

Then she finds a provider who could provide food and security for her children. This provider mustn’t be a dominant male— it could be a nice average male who is reliable and has the resources to provide these securities for her.

Since being in a committed relationship with a lady means you are expected by the society to provide certain securities for her. Hence, women are usually happier and more eager to enter a committed relationship.

On the other hand, a male’s primary instinct is to spread his seeds to quality females. And this is the drive and motivation behind men’s hustle and grind. We want to be successful and valuable enough to attract gorgeous and beautiful ladies into our lives.

Now, when a man enters a committed relationship, he has given up this power and is now entitled to only one female, and this goes against his male instinct.


Age and Attractiveness.

The major thing which attracts a man to a woman is her physical appearance. And this is the reason women pay so much attention to their physical looks. They know that the prettier they look, the higher their chances of attracting dominant and powerful men in the society.

The truth is a woman’s prime is quite short, and the more they go down in age, the less attractive they become to men.

Hence, most ladies are quite in a haste to attract and get a man to commit to her. A man who could provide for her and her children the necessary securities.

On the other hand, what attracts a woman to a man is usually the trait of dominance, confidence, and power. So no matter how old a man is, he could always attract the best of females as long as he possess dominance, confidence, and power.

For instance:

RMD is 58 yrs. old (as of the time I’m writing this), but he could still confidently snatch most of our current girlfriends from us.

However, it would be quite difficult for you to leave your sexy gorgeous girlfriend for a 53 year old woman. Let’s say Liz Benson.

Therefore, a man’s prime is quite long. So time is highly on our side.

Committed relationship

RMD ever sexy

Age and Reproductive Ability.

A 9o yr. old man is still capable of impregnating a woman and reproducing healthy children. But a woman reaches menopause from the age of 40 or above. In some women, it occurs earlier. And as a woman ages, the more she’s susceptible of giving birth to an unhealthy baby.

Therefore, nature has put women on more pressure to enter a committed relationship and reproduce when they are still in their prime.


With these above points you can see that a committed relationship actually favors the ladies more. So they should be the ones to ask and push for it, and not you brother.


The truth is most ladies actually push and ask for commitment from guys they desire to be in a relationship with. However, they don’t spell it out blatantly. They do it implicitly— just like most things they do.


Why women should be the ones to push for committed relationship


a) With Question. When a lady wants you to commit fully to her, she might use questions to ask for it. These questions could come when you’re pushing for sexual intimacy or even when you’ve already gotten sexual intimacy.

Some of these questions include;

  • What are we? What are we even doing?
  • Leave me! Stop touching me like that; do I look like your girlfriend?
  • Where’s this relationship heading to? (This question comes when she wants you to take the commitment to another level e.g. marriage)
  • When are you coming to see my parents? I hope you know I’m not getting any younger? (This one is very clear. She has waited for you enough. Lol!)


b) Make You Jealous.  If a lady wants you to commit to her, sometimes she would intentionally try to make you jealous. She might start flirting with guys in your presence. Uploading certain pictures on social media where she’s with some guy to get you jealous.

And when you get jealous and ask who those guys are, she might reply with questions similar to the ones I mentioned above.

For Instance:

  • Why do you want to know? Am I your girlfriend?
  • It’s not your business, we’re not dating… are we?


c) Deprive you of Sexual Intimacy. Another way ladies push for commitment is by depriving you of sexual intimacy until you decide to commit fully to her.

You might often hear, “Leave me alone! I’m not your girlfriend. Go to your girlfriend and have sex with her.”


d) Threaten to cut you off. This usually a lady’s final card to get you commit to her. She threatens to leave your life if you don’t commit fully to her. And most times they mean this threat.



So whenever you see one or more of these things from a lady, it’s either you give her what she wants from you— which is commitment. Or you let her go.

But what you should NEVER do from now on is to BEG any lady for a relationship. It favors her greatly, so she should be the one to push and ask you for a committed relationship.

Personally, before I commit to ANY lady, I MUST wait for her to start showing me at least one of these signs that she wants to be in a committed relationship with me.

Why? Because I want her to have at the back of her mind that she was the one who pushed for commitment and not me. This automatically gives me a higher hand in the relationship, because she knows she was the one who chased me for commitment.

On the other hand, if you beg or chase a lady for a committed relationship, she will always have at the back of her mind that you were the one who chased her for commitment; that you were the one who needed this relationship more. This gives her an upper hand in the relationship. And trust me brother, you don’t want your woman to have an upper hand in your relationship.



Don’t beg any woman to be in a relationship with you. Just approach women, show them you are interested in them, and be an attractive man. Then leave the rest for them.

But before ladies start pushing for a committed relationship with you— you have to develop yourself into an attractive man; the type of man who ladies would want to be in a relationship with.

Therefore, keep working on yourself: always dress well, groom yourself properly, be a great conversationalist, improve your seduction skills, become more confident, and most importantly discover your purpose in life, set goals which leads you closer to your purpose, and be focused in achieving those goals every day.

Stay attractive,






About the Author: Gerald Dike

Gerald Dike is the founder of Relationship Strategies For Men. He has helped thousands of men have better interactions and healthy relationships with women of their dreams. He is also an entrepreneur in one of the biggest countries in Africa.

You can grab his new Book here==> The Attractive Man: How to Become the Man Who Women Desire And Chase

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