Your bestie

How to Know if Your Bestie really Likes you or She is Just Using You

Your Bestie

Bestie Bestie!!!

That’s what she calls you. You’re happy and proud you’ve a gorgeous pretty female in your life who calls you bestie.
And you don’t want to mess that up.

So on her birthday, you get her an expensive gift, write long epistles for her on all your social media accounts, and you call her on phone to wish her every good and beautiful things life could ever offer.

And she tells you “Thank you so much dear, you’re a darling.”
Wow! You’re even happier now.

However, on your birthday she just writes on your timeline “Happy birthday dear”
You’re not that happy about it, because you expected more from her. But you console yourself; you tell yourself
“At least she remembered.”

You’re always calling your bestie on the phone, checking on her, eager to know what’s happening in her life.
But she randomly calls you in return.

The few times she calls, she actually sounds really concerned about your well-being, however before she ends the call, she asks if you can help her with a favour.
You’re always happy whenever she calls, so you always agree to those favours.

But anytime you need her to help you with some favours, your bestie suddenly becomes indisposed to come to your aid.
Yet she calls you bestie!

Now you’ve started having this feeling, that this girl might not be that proud to have you as a friend; maybe she’s just USING you.

But then you recall numerous times she has held your hands and touched you so romantically in public. So you convince yourself that she must be proud of you then.

Ohh my dear bro! If only you knew… if only you knew she’s doing that because she’s either using you to scare off unwanted admirers or she’s scaring off ladies who might be interested in you (because she knows that if you happen to get a girlfriend, you won’t be doing much things for her again) or maybe even both (killing two birds with one stone).

Ladies are really smart when it comes to heart matters. And if you underestimate them, they’ll fuck you up emotionally. My brother, I think you already know the truth in your guts, even though you’re scared to admit it.
But I’ll still say it to you.

She’s not your bestie.
“You might see her as your bestie, but she doesn’t see you as her bestie”

Forget about the “bestie” or other sweet names she keeps on calling you.
She’s just USING you bro.


Pay attention to this.

When a female sees you as a best friend:

  • She’ll always try to be there for you in times of trouble, because she genuinely cares for your well-being. And she won’t be making excuses why she can’t be there for you, every damn time.
  • On your birthdays or other special days, you see her making efforts to make you feel special; because you mean a lot to her and she wants to appreciate you.
  • She wants to see you get better; so at the slightest opportunity she gets to link you up to a connect that might fetch some money, she does so immediately. “You need a graphic designer sir? I definitely know someone who’ll deliver” she’s always willing to say.
  • She even links you up with beautiful females including some of her friends, and not scaring them off…
  • And so on.

But, I have this feeling that you already know all these things.
Now my question is

“Why are you still allowing her to use you?”

Wait a second… you wish to date her? You want to be in a romantic relationship with her?
That’s why you’re doing all those things for her? Buying expensive gifts, never saying ‘no’ to her if she asks for favors and stuff?

You believe if you continue doing this, she’ll start seeing you as “more than a friend?”
Ohh! It all makes sense right now.

Listen to me bro,
It’s likely not to happen.

If you wish to date a lady, always make your intentions clear from the start. Don’t hide in the disguise of being a good friend; that shit doesn’t work most times. Don’t ever settle with being “just friends” with her. Don’t enter the friend zone, no matter how gorgeous or pretty you think the lady is.

Never form the habit of settling for less in life, in all aspects of your life. Be it a job, a lifestyle, a relationship and so on.
Always know your worth, go for what you want and never settle for less.



If you’re in any unbalanced relationship/friendship with any lady or anybody.
That is, you’re giving so much, while you receive so little; and you really want to receive more in the friendship.

I want you to decide tonight to leave that friendship/relationship.
Trust me, it’s not worth the emotional stress.

Always remember that: It’s not every lady who’s worthy of your attention

Make sure your bestie is really your bestie; never lose yourself while trying to love another.

PS: If a lady in particular kept on coming to your mind, as you read this post. You seriously need to re-evaluate your relationship with her and know if she’s still worthy of being in your life.

I just want you to be happy bro,

About the Author: Gerald Dike

Gerald Dike is the founder of Relationship Strategies For Men. He has helped thousands of men have better interactions and healthy relationships with women of their dreams. He is also an entrepreneur in one of the biggest countries in Africa.

You can grab his new Book here==> The Attractive Man: How to Become the Man Who Women Desire And Chase

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