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Are Female Friends Necessary for a Guy?

Since I wrote about the friend zone some guys have been asking me certain questions like;

“Does it mean it’s not good to have female friends?”, “Should I stop giving attention to all my female friends am not having sex with?” and so on…

No, my brothers, that’s not what I mean.


Personally, I have female friends who I don’t have any sort of sexual activities with. But before a lady becomes my friend, she MUST be providing a reasonable value to me.


I have this female friend, very intelligent lady. She gives me valuable business strategies and tips which has really helped me financially. There’s another of my female friend, who tells me about certain female stuff, which helps me to understand and get more women.

I also recall a particular friend of mine back in my university days… whenever I asked her to come cook for me, she always came through and so on.

It’s also important to know that the value is not one sided; I also add value to their lives.

I give them my attention; I give them a listening ear when they feel like venting, I give them my shoulder to cry on when they need it, I advise, motivate, and offer a helping hand when they’re in need. I buy them gifts on their birthdays. I inspire them and make them laugh when they’re feeling down and other things…

However, if I try to hook up or date a particular lady, and for one reason or the other she’s not interested. I won’t settle with just being friends with her because she’s obviously not adding any value in my life.

I will immediately stop giving her my attention.



If a lady is providing reasonable value to you, reward her by giving her your attention too. It’s not every lady in your life you’ve to date or have sex with.

However, those ones you want to date or strafe and they pointed you to their friend zone. Please kindly cut them off. They’re time wasters.




About the Author: Gerald Dike

Gerald Dike is the founder of Relationship Strategies For Men. He has helped thousands of men have better interactions and healthy relationships with women of their dreams. He is also an entrepreneur in one of the biggest countries in Africa.

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